Sunday, 23 October 2011

Have you Voted Yet? We are losing the Voting race.

Its a wet and windy Sunday, I have donned my waterproofs in the attempt to keep dry,  so many waterproofs do not live up to their name so I am hoping these new ones will do so.  It is so essential here. Being on the side of a hill we are very exposed to the elements as vistors who have been here will know. Bit by bit we are getting ready, the field shelters still have to be reinforced and the water bowser which is being donated (and which will be invaluable when we have a Big Freeze)has yet to be collected from Lampeter but we are getting there slowly but surely.There are always so many things to do at a shelter, there never seem to be enough hours in the day.

Little Charley went off yesterday to live in Southampton with new Mum Ellie and a new pal, Miniature Shnauzer Chloe,  On meeting Chloe, the little tinker immediately transferred his attention from my leg to her nether regions! Im sure she will show him who's boss before very long and that his recent  neutering will soon put an end to his amorous overtures!

The police arrived last night at 9.30, with a young  labrador cross found tied up on Caernarfon, Mei was still here finishing off her work and looking after my dogs whilst I went out to Llandudno theatre with a friend to see Bill Wyman in his new band.  Not exactly the Rolling Stones but still good.
Mei  has taken the lab home to foster(hope her chihuahua copes with him?) We rarely see the police now as that was another thing the Council did, contacted the police to tell them not to bring dogs here but to send them to the Dog Pound!
One of my house dogs Max has also gone to a home, I was planning to (reluctantly) keep him because of his problem of not allowing people out of the house.Once they are in, they can't get out again! He has gone to very nice and experienced dog owners but I am still thinking he may be returned. I hope not , not only for his own sake but for mine.He made it difficult for me to get away even for a day because nobody could get into the house to let my dogs out(well they could get in but not out again!)

Three cats went out today,  a gentleman adopted two youngsters and his daughter came along and decided to give a home to a lovely tabby cat called Narla who had been here for a year .Having already got one of our cats we knew she would offer a great home to Narla and we are so happy for this little cat. I am currently trying to prioritise which cat to bring in next, there are so many urgent cases but I think I will opt for the  two cats belonging to an elderly person as she is forgetting to feed her pets and although there is no deliberate neglect on her part, this is an untenable situation in which to leave an animal.

The cats are not enjoying this weather at all and I have seldom seen so many cats curled up together on the conservatory sofas. One of the outside sheds used for living quarters for feral cats, is falling apart and they desperately need a new one before it gets any wetter and colder. Kitty Kottage has proved to be very popular with the wildies but it is not big enough for all of them to happily bed down in.  Looks like I will be paying the Shed Shop a visit tomorrow. Then, of course it will have to be insulated and shelves put up.Anybody out there fancy a voluntary job doing this?

The publication for my book will be December, no date yet but am hoping it will be the very first week to allow for the thousands of readers desperate for a copy to read/give as a xmas present!!!! Well I can hope can't I?

Finally we are losing the voting for the Animal Friends  Donation so if you have not yet voted for Freshfields and you are a facebook member PLEASE PLEASE do so today and send the link to anyone you know who could also vote for us. A £5,000 donation would be lovely especially at this time of year when our expenditure is sky high.  Please go to  then go over to the left hand side and click on "Vote for a charity". Once on the page you will be asked to allow access to your details, but this is just so they know you aren't voting more than once - your info won't be used for any other purpose. If the app isn't showing properly use the tab button to move it across. If you get a blue box showing that says "Go to Facebook" click on that and it will take you to the app. Once there just click the little circle in the bottom of the box that says Freshfields and then click submit. Please help us to help the animals! It would also be great if you could share this on your own page. Many thanks for your support. :-)


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