Saturday, 8 October 2011

Champ enjoys an evening of Television.

Having moved office dog Lucy into the house, I then began to feel sorry for Champ left alone so I have moved him in too! He has settled very well though is livelier than Lucy being only 5 years old. What I have discovered about him now he is in a home environment is his entertainment factor! It appears I now have a canine television addict!
Last night I was watching a programme on Sky and to my amazement Champ ran over to the TV and starting staring at the images flashing across the screen, he then jumped up to get a better view and stayed there for about 10 minutes, just quietly watching. Here he is enjoying 'Animal Cops'.

Somehow I think he is enjoying life in the old homestead!

Possible titles for the photos;-
' Wots he doing in this funny box, and why doesnt he smell like me?

The ASPCA Inspector says
'If you dont behave ,Champ, I'll be  coming for you next!'

 Its been a good day for cats, two half grown kittens (teenagers) have been adopted and adult cat Tabby who has been here for a year is going to be leaving us very soon.Wonderful, and to make the day even better I have just had a call froma  lady called Victoria who adopted two cats Luther and Marley a month ago and she tells me that they are settling really well. Luther is 7 years old and had been here a long time and Marley the young one  is very timid  so this is particularly nice to hear.  Quite rightly she told me that she felt it had taken a good month before she saw any great difference in their behaviour.At first they were both nervous in their new environment but they are now truly settled and content. It is true that some animal adapt better than others to chanmges in their lives but like these two, most may experience signs of stress initially and it is important that new owners understand this and give the pet enough time to become settled. In the past we have had pets returned after twenty four hours because ' he wont settle!' Do we humans settle that quickly when we first move into a new home?  Very rarely I suspect

Finally a friend of mine recently returned from a holiday in Crete, her holiday was ruined by the plight of many neglected dogs there who live terrible lives chained to  barrells. I have seen this for myself in Cyprus so know how she feels. Anyhow a local organisation is trying to help these dogs and there is a petition to  try and prevent this abuse.Please, please take a minute to sign. Click on the link below.

Also can everybody vote for Freshfields Animal Rescue on the link on  our facebook page. If we receive the most votes we are eligible to receive a decent sum of money. PLEASE VOTE.

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