Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Glad To Be Home!

Yesterday we decided that we would send Heather and Paddy shetlands back to their summer grazing fields for a month as there is so much grass to be had there and little left here. The fields are only in walking distance and opposite where Mei lives so she keeps an eye on the ponies in those fields.As they are both hardy little ponies we felt there was enough natural shelter for them and they would be content there.  However ,this morning we were shocked to be met by two little shetland ponies determinedly making their way up the track to their old field by the house.Clearly they had decided they preferred to be here, broken out of their field and trotted back Home! What a pair of tinkers. Although not at all happy about them being out on the road between the two properties, we had to chuckle at their determination and intelligence. None of our ponies have ever escaped from those fields before, so at the moment we have no idea how they have managed their Big Break Out. Mei is going to check everywhere today but for the time being we will keep the michievous pair here. I do not want to risk the same happening again.

What a glum day it has been here, if I had the opportunity I would emigrate to Australia tomorrow,if only to bask in the sunshine and if one more person says I would soon  get fed up of the sun I will personally decapitate him/her! Just give me the chance, I say.(to bask in sun, not to decapitate anyone) Still, looking on the bright side the animals are finding homes and that is what it is all about.Of course I could emigrate and rescue Kangaroos! Mmm now theres a thought.

I had an email from Liz at the Great Dane rescue (Great Dane Care) and she tells me that they have had 45 dogs in, that is a lot of huge dogs to find homes for. If I had not had Paddy I think I would have offered a home to the two who have been in the news lately, the Blind one and her pal. I do hope they find someone nice to care for them and that Liz manages to find some suitable homes for her bunch of giants. I remember once turning someone down for a yorkshire terrier because they had a Great Dane, I felt that the big dog could unintentionally harm the little one.Now I know more about the breed and have kept both of mine with little dogs very satisfactorily,I realise that I probably made an error of judgement at the time. My dogs were both exceedingly gentle and careful around the toy dogs they came in  contact with.

The kitten situation is not lessening at all, there is a whole new batch of kittens waiting now to be admitted, the second wave of kittens to be born  are starting to arrive and we have not even homed all of the last lot! Please, please let the newspaper article this week  bring some more homes amd especially for the older kittens who are rapoidly losing their appeal. nFew will choose these when there are younger ones to choose from. maybe I should hide the littlies?

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