Wednesday, 19 October 2011

An influx of Cats and a Happy Shi-tzu

The shi-tzu is now clipped entirely except round his eyes which he refused to allow. As it was , Rosie and Vanessa struggled with him; poor little chap was clearly in great discomfort and when they got to his ears, they were red and felt very hot to the touch. The weight he was carrying on his ears alone must have been painful for such a little dog. Now we can actually feel his body, he is also somewhat underweight. What a  miserable time he has had during his life, however he has now livened up considerably and  is pictured here happily humping the duvet!  He has gone to be neutered today and the scruffy bit round his eyes will be taken off whilst he is under the anaesthetic. I hope too, that his humping habit will soon disappear!
lately my arms and legs seem to have been the unwelcome recipient of such behaviour!

Several cats have been admitted from the waiting list though it is taking quite a time to make any inroads into it.  This morning  I had a lady being very rude to me because I said I had no room and she was not the first I'm afraid.. Everybody thinks their particular  situation warrants immediate action and  some do not want to hear that we are full, they just want their problem solved. I do understand this but if there is no space, then there is no space! When we have a space, it is give to one of the most needy on the current waiting list,
 I wish those who are so nasty would come and work here for a day and see  for themselves that we are full to capacity , do not have much money  or indeed facilities to take unlimited numbers of pets. Perhaps then they would understand our situation.

So , new to the shelter is Lucy (below) a young white and black cat whose owner was not allowed to keep her in his flat, two tortoishells which had been abandoned (Pictured above) and now called Venetia and Geneva.
a black longhaired cat which was abandoned by holiday makers (no photo or name yet) and a 7 years old cat called  Bushka whose owner has died.
Bushka has  been well loved and cared for during her life and is one of the few cats admitted from a home with an up to date vaccination certificate.

Yesterday we admitted two gorgeous guinea pigs, longhaired boys Bob and Ted who are actually handleable for a change. Most that are admitted are nervous but these have been well cared for and handled regularly. the owner has reluctantly given up her pets due to a change in personal circumstances.

Winter is not a good time to rehome small pets, perhaps the idea of cleaning out hutches in snow and rain has little appeal?
Nevertheless I am hopeful that these two will be adopted before next spring. if anyone knows any guinea pig lovers please let them know about Bob and Ted.

I am looking for volunteers to help at the LLandudno Fair on Nov 18th.If anyone can help or bake a cake or two please let me know asap. Thanks. It will be our first fundraiser in that area so it could go either way though  it would be nice to make a success of it and then  we could have more regular events in Llandudno. I'm sure there must be animal lovers around there who would be happy to help?

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von said...

After feeling rather blue today, the picture of the humping Shitzu has made me laugh. Clearly having his fur cot off hasn't had a 'Samson' effect - he looks so full of purpose and determination. You've obviously given him a new lease of life already.