Saturday, 15 October 2011

A badly Neglected Shi-Tzu.

Rosie had on her Dog Groomer Head today and spent a couple of hours clipping two matted dogs, Gemma the cocker and Celt a shi -tzu I collected from a  home yesterday. Celts owner had died and his new owner was unable to care for him. His coat is so terribly matted and had obviously been this way for quite some time.He must be very uncomfortable. Gemma has been reserved already so we hope she will be leaving Rosies care this weekend sometime. What a dear little dog, everyone who meets her falls in love with her, it is hard to understand why she has not been claimed but as her coat is in a bad condition it may be  a similar scenario to that of Celt. We may never know her background but at least now she is going to be well cared for.
Celt has had to be done in stages, he becomes very stressed whilst being groomed and there is so much work to be done on him, he looks a little odd at the moment because the hair round his neck and head is still intact until the next session! Even so, he is so much happier and livelier which is hardly surprising.We will be weighing the hair that has been removed which should prove interesting. The photo on the right is of a lump of hair taken off his back!
He still has his head and neck to be done so will show that when Rosie comes in Monday and finishes him off (I mean that in the best possible way of course)
In the meantime Vanessa is caring for him along with her own menagerie.

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