Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bright and Breezy Charley.

Here he is, beautifully clipped, neutered and ready for adoption.What a change! I cannot even begin to imagine how good he feels now and he has a home already, lucky little dog. His life really starts now he does not have the pain and discomfort of that dreadfully matted thick coat. It has taken years off him and he is just like a puppy now. Its just as well he has a home waiting or I would be tempted to keep him.  On second thoughts ,perhaps not, he has not quite got over the leg humping yet and moving round the office with a dog clasped tightly to ones leg is not terribly comfortable! We have changed his name to Charley in celebration of his new life. Isn't he gorgeous?

There have been lots of comments on our facebook page about the unsuitability of keeping rabbits with guinea pigs, this started because we have a bunny and guinea pig which we are trying to rehome together.They have been together a year and love each other but there are people outraged at this.Their reasoning is that Guineas should NEVER be kept with another species because injuries can occur and even fatalities . This is perfectly true and is not something to be recommended but when a pair DO get on, why part them? I know of many such pairings which are successful, the problem is that if people  buy one of each,, there could be problems and therefore it is obviously not wise to even attempt it. A general rule should be to keep rabbits together and guinea pigs together but when a couple are   living happily together and have done for some time, is it right to take them away from one another?  I think not .  There are worse issues concerning small animals which bother me more than an individual (and successful)case of Rabbit/guinea pairing.  That is not to say it is something I recommend , I certainly dont but  lets not get it out of perspective!

The first starling of the year has arrived, I wonder when the rest of the gang will appear?  I had best get stocked up on their  favourite fatty treats or they will be devouring all the food out out for the small birds. have you noticed how hungry they all  are now the weather is becoming decidedly chilly? Speaking of which,  Im feeling a bit peckish myself -  I could blame it on the coldness of the day but then I am just the same in the spring, and summer and the autumn! lets face it, Im just greedy!

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Graham N said...

Quite so. Each case must be judged on its merits. For example, my Mum's Jack Russell got on very well with her four cats and even played with one of them. BUT ... you'd not let him share the same room with anyone else's cats ... he'd have killed them.