Friday, 7 October 2011

Kittens Returned

No sooner do I write about an animal then something bad seems to happen. having shown a photo on last blog of Shane and Bobby, Shanes health has deteriorated , as has that of little Maggie, Noddys pal! I can't believe that Noddy may soon lose yet another companion but the fact is that her arthritis and tendon problems have worsened over the last week, and Shane who has the same health issues is also not doing brilliantly. Of course we all knew that Shane would probably not have a great lifespan due to his  neglect at the hands of  his former owner, all we could do is give him the best quality of life possible until his bad days far outnumbered his good ones. I fear that time is edging nearer and nearer. The Vet is coming out tomorrow to look at the two of them and also to see Crystal the mare with melanomas under her tail. We had Crystal on treatment which successfully stopped them growing but it cannot be used permanently and so during the break from this,  it appears they have grown. Maggie is the one causing me the most concern at the moment so I am anxious to hear the opinion of the Vet.

The Vet has been,Maggie has arthritis in her knees and he does not think she is at the stage yet where she needs to go. Same with Shane and Crystal has an infection which is being treated so all in all it was not the  bad news I expected.Thank goodness!

A black labrador cross was admitted and reserved within hours! Everyone seems to want this type of dog, whenever we have one in, there are always loads of people after him/her.  I took a call this morning for another labrador but she is not ready yet for adoption as she is about to give birth . We are trying to get a foster home for her.The father of the pups is the familys cocker spaniel which is also in need of a home due to relocation!

Two kittens adopted three weeks ago have been returned because they were not using the litter tray though they had not been confined to the area where the litter tray was kept so poor little things were all over the house. They are foir months old and absolutely beautiful though as you can see were not overly keen on having their photos taken.
No matter how much the staff talk to new owners about caring for their new pets, so many do not listen to the advice given and then weeks later ring to complain. Oh well, that is the way it will always be. There will always be those who choose not to listen.These stunning grey and white kittens will not be here for long and next time it will hopefully be a permanent home.

Marco, the Dogue de Bordeaux who was returned  will be going to live in Scotland next week with a lady who has recently lost her old Dogue, she is very excited about him and  is making plans to collect him next week. Joe the blind Springer Spaniel should also be going soon, pending a successful homecheck in Derbyshire. Looking at the success stories we have of our dogs in NorthWales , I realised that there are actually very few crossbreeds! Most are pedigrees. When I first started rescuing animals, pedigrees being admitted to the rescue were few and far between so what has changed? Quite clearly there are too many people breeding dogs and the Uk is being flooded with them. I must contact a few other shelters out of curiosity and see if they are seeing  the same statistics in other parts of the country. Certainly the Liverpool shelter has many pedigrees through its doors nowadays,it will be interesting to find out about other areas.

PS: Very annoyed - the people who reserved Sam have changed their minds and I have already cancelled the adverts online and emailed others who wanted him saying he is not available!! I emailed one person but they adopted a pup from another shelter this morning! I know there will be others wanting him but I do wish people would think everything through before they go searching for a pet in a rescue centre. It wastes a lot of time for everybody and it is so unfair on Sam  who has  now possibly lost out on homes. I will email the others now  to see if they are still interested.

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