Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hello, Who's the New Girl ?

Another successful day. Holiday makers(and readers of my blog)Sara and Dave from Northumberland fell in love with Ben, the labrador cross found abandoned near Caernarfon. After taking him for a long walk they felt they could not return home without him. Unfortunately Bud the cocker spaniel is still with us as his home fell through at the last minute and the others who were desperate to give him a home, were contacted but they have all now adopted dogs from other shelters. very disappointing and sad for Bud who is losing weight with stress and needs to be settled in a home pretty soon.

Another little dog has been admitted, Sally a deaf jack russell/whippet was unwanted and to be frank when the owners wife approached her, the dog cowered to the ground so I am more than happy to take her over . She is in the house with mine and will stay there until the right suitable home turns up for her. Here is Paddy and gang taking stock of the new arrival. As usual they were very accepting and after having a few sniffs , soon lost interest. Sally is so excited to be with company, I cannot think that she had much of that. I would like to home her with someone who has had experience of a deaf dog previously.The last deaf dog we had was a Jack Russell and he went very quickly, as did the deaf dalmation Dotty. It would be nice if this girl was adopted quickly too.

I am looking for a foster home for 4 puppies, born just one week ago.Their Jack Russell mum is unwell after giving birth and is unable to care for them and if we dont take them, there will be an untimely end for them.That is not an option so I will care for them myself until someone with more time on their hands offers to take them on. It is hard for me to keep it up because I work every day and I have little enough sleep as it is. Apparently Dad is a neighbours Sheepdog! If only spaying/neutering  was compulsory!

No cats have been adopted today, it has not been brilliant for the cats this weekend but I am still hoping for a good response from the newspaper article(if it gets published)

If you haven't voted yet for Freshfields please do so before or time runs out(end of the day) we may still lose as we are neck and neck with another charity.Dont forget the link is on one of the blog entries a few days ago. Please ask everyone you know to vote whilst there is still time

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