Sunday, 16 October 2011

Long Term Cats leave us for new Homes.

I just love the morning walks with the dogs, the  dew is glistening prettily on the grass and this morning there  is a feeling of crispness in the air; it is so energising and gives me a boost for the day ahead. The  scenery here is beautiful  and  I love just standing looking  around me ,especially across the valley  towards the Irish Sea. If ever I feel low(and I often do) the beauty of the surrounding  countryside will take those feelings away for a short while.

After the meeting with the environmental health people I sank into a dark place but  this morning I am determined the comments made will not get me down any longer. The shelter is going from strength to strength and there have been so many improvements to the property and this will continue  until it is exactly how I want it. There is a great need for an animal sanctuary  in this area and once the old cattery is replaced, it will have all the facilities needed for the animals which need us so much. We will be going all out to apply for grants to do this work, it may take years but we WILL get there in the end. NOBODY SAID IT WOULD EASY!

We have had two adult cats adopted today and both have been here the best part of a year, how wonderful is that. The day has got even better! Diamond (on left) was one of a number of cats admitted because their owner was going to live abroad, they have all been so slow going to new homes but I am hopeful now for the remaining ones, perhaps it is their turn next to be noticed. She is so lovely, I am amazed that she has not been snapped up but she is a little shy and the shy ones do fade into the background when we have visitors. The other cat Jeremy is a lovely tabby and white but for some reason I am unable to find his photo, maybe the new owners will send one of him in his new home and then I can post that instead.

Pictured here is Tangy one of our feral cats  sitting on a fence surveying the scene around him(and not I hope waiting for hapless birds who stray into his path!)
Tangy was a youngster we were unable to domesticate so we neutered him and released him, he is seldom very far away from his little all black pal  Peta but I have never been able to photograph them together as the other is so timid still and always runs like hell when she spots the camera. As you can see Tangy is not overly impressed either. I have a lot of camera shy animals here, not to mention the staff who all seem to disappear as soon as I start walking  about David Bailey style.

I received an email  today from a  US based charity who rescue Mares and Foals from those dreadful Premarin farms. I do hope those readers who are on hormone replacement are not on either Premarin or Prempak, if you are, ask your doctor to change over to a more ethical HRT. I asked mine and she refused so  if that happens to you, do as I did and change doctors! I wont go into it here but if you want to know why I am so against it please look it up on the net. This charity has saved thousands from these hell holes, thankfully many such farms are now closing down but everyone needs to be aware what goes on if they are on HRT.

Ps: saw a Rock Pipit  and  a Shag (Cormorant like bird to the uninitiated) today on the beach.

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