Monday, 31 January 2011

Paddy meets the New Girl

First news of the day is that Teddy the disabled German Shepherd pup has been found a home, he was delivered yesterday to a lady who clearly has a very big heart especially as his future is still uncertain at this point in time. Good luck to them both. I am still waiting to hear from the RSPCA inspector who was going to investigate his abandonment.

Nell is booked in to be spayed on Wednesday and MegJR and Holly Yorkie left mew yesterday for their new home but have been quickly replaced by Lucy a 4 months old Jack Russell whose owner had a new baby and no time for her.How many times have I heard that? Try thousands and you would be close to it.Lucy is pictured here meeting Paddy for the first time. He is so good with the all the newcomers, he has a few sniffs and then they are largely ignored in favour of a snooze in front of the fire, he takes up the entire space on the rug but is happy enough to share a little of his space with anyone who cares to find any!

Vanessa was telling me this morning that she had read an article in a newspaper about an animal rescuer who had a cat returned because it did not go with the furnishings! Outrageous but it does happen - my contribution to that topic would be to relate 2 particular incidents which stuck in my mind because of their very absurdity. Not long after I set up the shelter in Liverpool, I was visited by a retired couple who wanted a grey and white cat , they had been upset over the demise of their old cat(grey and white of course) and as luck would have it we had a very pretty young cat of that colour in the cattery. I took them into the cattery and left them there to get to know the cat.I returned a few minutes later and to my astonishment they were measuring the white on his legs with a tape measure! They told me that he was not the cat for them(thank goodness) because the height of the white on his legs did not match up to the markings on their previous cat! His white socks were an inch too short! To say I was happy to show them the door is an understatement.
The second incident was with a lady who came to the shelter to request that Freshfields admit her dog .The house was too small for him she told me so I asked her to bring the dog in "Oh he's here with me " she said, opening her coat to reveal a tiny chihuahua! I kid you not. Implausible though these incidents may appear, believe me they are true so the story of the cat which did not match the furnishings is completely believable to me. I know how fussy and eccentric some people can be in their desire to find 'The Perfect Pet'. Imagine if we humans were made to undergo such rigid tests in order to find the perfect partner, how many of us would be 'Left on the shelf'?' Quite a few I suspect , I clearly am one of those who has repeatedly failed the tests and there was I thinking my singledom was of my own choosing.Silly me!
The water problem is getting worse, we are struggling once again to get water to the animals and there is no sign of this latest freeze coming to an end. Thank goodness we do at least have the stream from which we can relay water albeit laboriously. I am now entering my second phase this winter of looking like Stig of the Dump so its time to rally the friends who will allow me use of their wonderful hot water supplies.
PS: Just hired a water bowser filled with 2000 litres for tomorrow, wish I had known about these during last Big Freeze. £70 per week .We may be defrosted by then but I cant take the chance of having no water so better to be safe than sorry. I learn a little every day- now I know what a Water Bowser is, and for those who do not have that knowledge it is basically a water tank on wheels.Brilliant!

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