Tuesday, 4 January 2011

An Appeal for Help is Necessary

This morning Lewis showed a lot more response and was far more alert, his eyes seemed brighter and he crawled on my knee for a cuddle. He also did that doggy "Im feeling more relaxed" thing and stretched and shook himself ,so altogether he seems to have suddenly decided that we are not out to hurt him and that we are a source of food and comfort. He has to stay in the pen away from the other dogs until his mange clears up but he likes his crate and feels secure in it, opting to rush back to it as soon as he has done his toilet outside. This afternoon he saw the Vet Stephanie at our local practice in Pwllheli.She confirmed his condition was due to starvation rather than an underlying problem and he is around 30 kilos under the normal weight for a dog his size.His skin will be treated with antibiotics and he will need bathing every other day in order to clear everything up. Stephanie estimated his age at around 8 years as his back teeth were not in brilliant condition . Its funny -that was the age William was when he came to me and I know there are some who think I am going to keep Lewis (especially you Pam!)but although I am very very tempted - he does so remind me of William in so many ways, not least to look at but I feel he will be happier somewhere else when he recovers, there will be someone who can give him more attention than I could and I want the best for him after the ordeal he has clearly endured at the hands of his callous previous owner.
Two cats were homed today which had been here far too long, they came in as kittens a year ago and today was their lucky day when they found their forever home, we were particularly thrilled that they will stay together and hope that they will bring a lot of fun and happiness to their new people. There are a lot of cats on our waiting list to be admitted so at least now there will be space for another couple of needy animals.
The weeks leading up to Christmas saw us admitting an unprecedented number of unwanted and abandoned pets and we have been faced with massive vet and food bills so I have been in touch with the newspapers locally to place an appeal on behalf of the animals here. The Holyhead mail have promised to feature our appeal, I have had no response yet from the Chronicle group of papers or the Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald but will try them again tomorrow.The Liverpool shelter is in much the same situation, Helen the manager of that shelter and I are always hoping for a miracle but it never seems to happen! We must have done something wrong in a previous life! I am pretty sure that I did, I have certainly made enough mistakes in THIS one!
Veronica bookeeper extraordinaire returned to work today after being ill with flu for the past few weeks, though I am sure the current financial crisis was not something she felt up to facing after time away from the pressures. At least there were two heads to put together instead of one.Anyhow tomorrow is another day, and who knows after a good nights sleep I may come up with a stunningly clever idea to raise thousands of pounds very very quickly - and yes pigs might fly but stranger things have happened!


Jan said...

I'm so glad Lewis is doing well. Please post photos when you have time. Thanks Jan

roy said...

glad to hear Lewis is responding Roy

Terr said...

Hi I'm a regular poster over at pet forums, Clare has started a thread over there and sent me this way.

How do I make a donation? I'd like to help in any way I can. A bit far away up here in Scotland to give you a hand though :P