Friday, 21 January 2011

Good News about Lewis and a successful Adoption day

Teddy (left)will be going to his new foster mum Sharon tomorrow, he really will benefit from being with other dogs and in a home environment.I get the impression that has been lacking and he needs that socialisation.As with poor skinny Lewis his story has touched many people and there are many positive thoughts being sent his way.Speaking of dear Lewis I heard some excellent news today , he has settled in very well with his new people both canine and human, what a lovely ending to his sad story; Lewis was a very special dog and from being so neglected and so depressed he came on so well whilst he was with me and now his prospects are even better. I can't wait to see the photos of him in his new home and to see him once he is back to a normal weight.As soon as I receive the photos I will post them on here so everyone can see him.
Apart from Teddy I have 3 Dog Pound dogs in my home at the moment, Don a 5 years old collie and 2 very sweet young Jack russells Sally and Trixie and I have people coming to see all three tomorrow so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will all match up happily.I am always being asked what it means when I say Dog Pound dogs.Well these are strays which have been picked up by a Council dog warden and taken to a kennels where they stay for a week to allow an owner to claim his/her lost pet.If at the end of the week the animals are unclaimed they are destroyed unless homes or places at shelters can be found. Some kennel owners like Jennifer at Dolgellau put a lot of effort in to place the dogs but others are not so interested and many young healthy animals lose their lives this way all over the UK. I give priority to these dogs because I know they are in a desperate situation and often we are their last hope. Now I am down to just 3 of my own dogs I am more able to help as long as they integrate with my own.

Like so many other areas we are suffering from frosty icy weather
I am hoping that it will not get any worse, I couldn't face another session of no running water though facing that would be infinitely preferable to the terrible floods others are experiencing in Australia and Brazil.What distressing news coverage there has been,It is heartbreaking isn't it? I shall think of that whenever I start to moan about the cold weather here and be glad it is not worse.
Well I have said goodbye to Teddy and also to Sally,Trixie and Don, apart from being happy to see them toddling off to a better life, two of the adopters already had dogs from Freshfields and brought them along so we had the opportunity to see how they were getting on . Pictured here is Junior(now Alfie) the lurcher adopted several months ago meeting his new friend Sally today.Once again Mei managed to muscle in on the photo, for someone who professes to hate her photograph being taken she certainly manages to show up in more than her fair share! The other photo is of Mandy holding her new companion Trixie but there is sadly no photo of Don and his pal Amika who was adopted in September for the simple reason I FORGOT! Perhaps they will send one on to me and I can post it then
The one remaining Pound dog Wilson the patterdale has aso been offered a home and his homecheck has just passed ; the home is in Liverpool and I will be going to Merseyside this week for a trustee meeting on wednesday and on thursday I am attending an AKAS all day forum (which I am dreading)My attention span is poor and the thought of being sequestered all day indoors listening to employment issues makes me cringe.Nevertheless it is a necessary evil so I will endeavour to put on a brave face and deal with it. Anyhow I digress - as I loathe driving further than the local village, a trip to Liverpool is anathema to me so I will breaking up the journey at sister Sandras house in Prestatyn ; I have arranged to meet Wilsons new person there to fill in the adoption forms and to hand him over.
This afternoon there are two appointments made for cat/kitten viewing so with a bit of luck a few more lucky felines will leave us and the handsome deaf white cat featured in an earlier blog has been reserved too.All in all it has so far been an excellent weekend for the animals.Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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Kathryn said...

So lovely to hear positive news about adoptions, repeat adoptions especially and that lovely Lewis has found a home. Great news.