Sunday, 23 January 2011

3 ponies are Returned.

My great favourite Rocky was returned today along with companions Honey and Caspar and have settled back as though they have never been away. The lady who had been caring for them wanted to keep Honey but as I said to her the two little ponies have been together for a long time and I like to keep bonded pairs together. Does anybody remember the story of Black Beauty where pony friends were separated and their joy at being reunited?It was one of the saddest books I have ever read and one that remained entrenched in my mind many years after reading it. The field we have had to put the ponies in is not ideal as it is becoming waterlogged and we need to allow them access to the adjoining field ,HOWEVER , the gate to that one has come off and until Handyman John fixes it back on we are regrettably one much needed field short!

The other admittances today have been a tiny kitten found abandoned and another cat belonging to a 96 years old lady. Henry the kitten(pictured here)
is no more than 7 weeks of age and quite a frail little man but it is surprising what treatment for worms can do and within days I am sure he will be looking and feeling a great deal better .Sue who works part time here has offered to foster him which will be nice for him and he can come back when he is a little stronger. The adult cat is called Oddie no doubt due to his unusual odd eyes and is 10 years old indicating that when this lady was 80 she obtained him as a kitten. This is yet another case of a kitten which should never have been homed with such an elderly person.Poor Oddie does not really have a red eye(my poor photography again) he has one brown eye and one green and is a rather nice tempered cat albeit confused about his sudden change of circumstances.It must be a rude awakening to a cossetted cat used to sleeping on sofas and beds to suddenly find himself in a cattery situation sharing space with other cats.
Two adult cats have gone out today, Fudge and Tizer who came in together have gone out together and they will be sharing their home with two other Freshfields cats and the deaf white cat has gone today too so it does seem that the adoptions are picking up.I spoke to someone at the LIverpool shelter and they too have been busy with animals being adopted out.There must be something in the air!
Roy the Charity shop manager in Caernarfon is here today putting up another Spotlight in the yard outside the office: a few nights ago we could not find Bradley one of our permanent dogs and the lighting here was non existent making it very hard to see an all black/grey dog. We did find him but it made us realise how much we need extra light in the evening.
Finally we have been offered a special home to the disabled pup Teddy and discussions are taking place! That sounds like a high powered business negotiation but the fact is that anybody willing to take him on needs to know all the options and possibilities including the one that he may not have a bright future ahead of him and there could be tears ahead for all of us if he fails to deal with his useless leg. It is not something to be taken on without great thought being given to this possibility. I will keep updating on his progress.
I will not be writing another entry until next weekend because I am going to be away the best part of the week, when I return on Friday I will have some new house guests to greet me in the shape of 7 years old Meg jack russell and Holly Yorkshire terrier(best friends apparently) and a slightly younger Yorkshire terrier named Sky.They are all from the same home where the owner has been hospitalised and she is unable to care for them in the future. By the time I come back Paddy and Patch will have doubtless introduced them to the comforts of my sofa and I once more will be relegated to whatever seating may be left!

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