Sunday, 16 January 2011

Callie and Freddy get a fright.

Its been a bit of a mad weekend, lots of visitors and lots of kitten cats going out. The teenagers are always the ones which get left behind, they are in between kittens and adult cats but today we have homed two pairs of 5 months old ones so we are all buoyed up by that. I have just heard from Claire in Cambridge who has homed Timmy and Reggie for me and I am so thrilled they are doing well in their new places. Timmy has had his first Agility lesson today and Reggie is in his element in a family with children. Claire has offered to help with Molly Jack Russell too.Poor Molly simply does not appeal to people, I have shown her to so many prospective adopters but she is not the prettiest terrier andthe poor little thing has a funny shape due to having had several litters of pups so perhaps she will find a forever home in the South of England where they seem to be less discerning and fussy about looks. The difficulty here could be because there are so many homeless animals in Wales to choose from that people can afford to be particular; when I lived at the shelter in Liverpool we often struggled with certain types of dogs but had great success rehoming them via a friend Liz in Dorset. Lizzie helped us with so many dogs , many of which were old and plain and all found wonderful homes in her area.Its a brilliant network of animal rescuers that exists now, I only wish it had been in existence when I first started, to have had such support and back up would have been so incredibly helpful but we weren't so much of a computer society as we are now.In fact I dont think I knew what a computer was. Mind you, when mine goes wrong(frequently) I wish they had never been invented.

The Mystery of the pound GSD pup with a damaged leg becomes even more odd. We have heard of another, a white one this time, I am now wondering if there is an entire litter around with the same problem. We need to get to the bottom of this and to find out who is breeding them locally. I have a few ideas but nothing concrete so will have to do a bit more 'digging' for information. I have a foster home lined up for the pup from the Dog Pound, Sharon who works at the Vets is going to care for him until we have space.I have asked her to get the pup seen by a Vet and then depending on the outcome we can make a decision about his future.

I have finished the draft copy of my 'book' so need to work out what the next step is. It seems so amateurish to me but then I suppose lots of books are written simply? None more simple than mine! It would hardly be snapped up by a publisher but if I can do the publish yourself and order as and when books wanted it may be viable. We will see.

We have a beautiful young German Shepherd going tomorrow, she is so well behaved for a youngster, unlike poor Taz who has so many behavioural issues.I did offer her to the Taz people but they are still distraught over losing her and I think are still hopeful that if she overcomes her hatred of cats that they may be able to have her back. This dog is a real treasure and will bring a lot of pleasure to her new people. Unfortunately the couple who were going to give a home to Lewis Lurcher have changed their minds which is very disappointing but its best they do so now and if it was not meant to be then that is it how it is. He is so happy now, he has just enjoyed a run in the fields(in between rain showers) and it is great to see him doing so. He is a different dog from the sad creature we admitted.
Tonight Mei and I had a devil of a time getting two horses into their stables.Callie and Freddy (Callie at back of photo ,she is 37 years old and her companion Freddy the chestnut on the left of the pics) simply refused to walk down the path to their stables and it took over an hour to persuade them. We could not understand why they were like this when they had made that walk so many times over the years, what was different now? Well Mei came up with the probable cause, a piece of corrugated roof had been temporarily stored in between their two stables and in high winds it was flapping and banging against the side of the buildings which must have scared them so much they were refusing to go back in. Horses are so frightened of anything different and strange so today we have had it removed.That should be the solution to the problem.Poor Horses.

This morning I took Paddy to the Vet for a check up and to be weighed - I think my kitchen scales may be a tad too small! Molly JR has gone to be spayed with 3 cats including Nemo the handsome ginger 'freecycle' cat. Anyhow Paddy weighs 73 kilos and should be 77-78 according to the Vet,I want to get his food weighed correctly now and then we shall be able to tell if it is food which is causing the runs . He has been wormed so we can rule out that being the likely cause. Sharon the receptionist said he was the only dog that could peer over their counter with ease and he dwarfed all the other dogs in the waiting room but was very well behaved both in the waiting room and with the Vet when she examined him.Thats always a good thing, theres nothing worse than having a dog which hates visiting the Vet(and most seem to)

The Lewis lurcher people changed their minds again and turned up for him today, they could not stop thinking about him and I think he will do better in a home of his own, he is still very thin but I am sure he will come on in leaps and bounds once he is settled and feeling secure again.I was worried that leaving me would upset him. NOT SO! he was happy to climb in the car, wagged his tail at the other two dogs and immediately settled down on a blanket for a snooze! I am lookingforward to seeing the next photos of him and will publish them as soon as I receive them.So many people have shown interest in his welfare, he touched so many hearts, including mine.
Sasha (above)too left us today and had a 3 hour drive ahead of her to her new home in Preston. Cath and her family have had two German Shepherds before so are experienced with the breed and once again another dog left us happily (are we doing something wrong?)
Incidentally I emailed Freecycle about my feelings regarding the advertising of pets this way and I had a response simply telling me to contact the area organiser! I dont think I made myself understood.I am not unhappy about this area Freecycle but ALL areas offering pets free to anyone who responds to their emails. I will try again but somehow get the feeling they are not taking my complaint seriously.

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