Thursday, 6 January 2011

Four Go South

Thursday pm
The trip to Cambridgeshire is still not sorted out so at this stage I do not know if Timmy will be going to his new home but am still hopeful. Claire at the Walkers Creek Rescue has also offered to take Reggie another youngster (pictured here)we are struggling to rehome and I am so grateful to her for this offer. Homes seem a bit thin on the ground at the moment and there are a couple more dogs from the dog pound waiting for places . It is never ending. Reggie was neutered today, as was the remaining westie cross pup, Finchley ferret(yes he is still here) and the last 2 rabbits which came in and it all has to be paid for . Desperate straits lead to desperate measures and this week I have had to swallow my pride or what is left of it and go round with the begging bowl(not literally though it left me feeling equally embarassed!). I would not do it if it were not for the animals which so rely on us and a few very kind and loyal supporters came up trumps with donations to see us through the next week or two for which I am filled with gratitude.

I hear that the Granada TV coverage for Liverpool was good so hopefully they will receive plenty of donations. The only problem is that they have had their phone lines down since Christmas due to a telegraph pole which has fallen down and BT will not put another up until traffic lights are placed nearby(it is on a dangerous corner.) and the council have to give permission but their offices have been closed over the holiday!! It never rains but it pours as my Mother used to say.

The Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald have published an article today about our situation here in Wales so fingers crossed that brings us some help.I really thought that after 30 odd years running Freshfields we would be financially secure by now but we seem to lurch from one crisis to another. I wonder what else we can do? There are only so many appeals we can put out and the Press will only publish articles every now and again.There is just so much pressure on people to help so many different charities it is understandeable that the small ones are overlooked. Put the Tv on nowadays and every break will have one or two emotive appeals for charitable causes.Of course they are the ones can afford such expensive promotions, money brings in money!Regarding fundraising, well Helen and others in LIverpool organise a lot of fundraising events throughout the year including the popular Ghost walks(thanks Jan for these) - they could hardly do more. Certainly I need to organise a few more events but as I have mentioned before it is not my forte and I am struggling to get together fundraising groups for this purpose. Anyway that is Thursdays Moan For The Day.Enough of that and on to more positive issues
Actually I cant think of any today!!

All is sorted for the trip to Cambridgeshire, I have just finished the paperwork for the lucky four and telephoned the respective owners and Claire at the Rescue so that they will be ready for them tomorrow. I have had such a positive response to my appeal on the internet for transport and it has brought me into contact with some wonderful people who have offered their assistance if needed in the future.This is when the internet becomes really useful , there is a fantastic network of animal rescuers throughout the Uk, all trying their hardest to help animals in need especially those dogs on Death Row in Dog Pounds, there are people offering their services as drivers, others offering to do homechecks and rescues with spaces offering shelter.It is truly impressive and very heartwarming and as well as saving the lives of many animals, it also brings us all together.A problem shared is a problem halved(another of Mums little sayings
On the cat front we have found a lovely home for Boots a 4 years old cat who has been waiting to be chosen for several months. As I have said many times before and will continue repeating myself at the risk of boring everyone - I do love it when these longtermers cats eventually leave usand I mean that in the nicest possible way. I have an awful feeling I have published the wrong photo and this is a different Boots.If so I will make amends on next blog. Sorry Boots.

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