Saturday, 8 January 2011

Lewis has a Bath

The sun is shining today and although it is icily cold it is good to see a bright sky for a change. The birds are still ravenously hungry especially the starling s and I spotted a pretty little goldfinch in the garden feeding on the nyger seeds. He is a new visitor to the garden so I was quite excited.(I can almost see Mei rolling her eyes!) As I always tell her - I too felt that way when my mum used to be obsessed with feeding the wild birds and I thought the whole business was too boring for words! Oh, how things change.
This morning an elderly poodle was admitted and is currently sharing living space in the house with Paddy and Patch.(so much for keeping to the two in the Living room!) Del is a sweet natured little dog but her elderly owner is in hospital and will not be able to care for her when she comes home.In fact Del desperately needs a grooming session, as seen in the photograph her curly coat is very overgrown.
Lewis Lurcher has had a bath in a medicated solution today, he will need this every other day until his skin clears and I think it already looks less sore and scabby; he was brilliant whilst having water poured over him but he hated the hairdryer so had to give up on that and towel him dry instead. He has really made himself at home now(Oh dear) and is starting to enjoy life once again - that is if he ever did in his previous life ? Who knows, this could be the first happiness he has experienced. In fact it was me who bathed him not Mei but I was having a bad hair day so I pressganged her into posing for the photo instead. Its great being the Boss, I can threaten the sack if they dont bend to my iron will! (I dont really, honestly )
Best news today is that Gel the ex farm dog which had been returned because he did not appear to be good with children has gone to live with a grown up family and although we will miss him very much as he was a great favourite here, we are very pleased for him and hopeful that this will be his final destination.
Houdini the escapologist cat is still up to her usual tricks but is still returning home for her meals and is always to be seen waiting patiently(or rather impatiently) at the gate of the feral enclosure. It is so strange that the other cats have not followed her on her escape route , maybe they are too full of food and lazy to be bothered?
One of our cats has turned up in Formby, Merseyside and has been cared for since before Christmas by a very kind lady there. This is the beauty of having animals microchipped, I have now been able to trace the person to whom she was rehomed and will be investigating why she ended up in that area when she was homed to an address in North Wales.Nobody has reported losing one of our cats on Merseyside so I am not very happy about that.At least the finder is happy to give her a home which saves her coming back into the shelter.

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john mike said...

hi leslie,bad hair day,looks like you and del are related