Thursday, 13 January 2011

Happy Dogs in Their New homes.

I may be giving Paddy too much food so am going to try and cut it down for a week and see if this improves his problem with runny poos.A Burns nutritionist was kind enought to contact me and suggest this but Rhian had already made the suggestion. If it continues the nutitionist has suggested trying a food without chicken so that will be the next step and then the Vet if this all fails.

The Lewis people Sue and Steve came today with their two dogs and the three animals seemed happy together so they are returning on monday to take him for a few days to see how it works out.He will have another bath before he goes and although I love him already I hope it will work out as he will be better off there receiving more attention. Steve is an artist specialising in painting local scenes and he has kindly offered to frame a painting which he will do especially for us and then raffle it in a local gallery with newspaper coverage. I am so grateful to have help like this offered.I have also found out today that we are able to have a pet food collecting box in Tescos in Holyhead and Judy another supporter is going to make regular collections from there and send it up to us. It makes me feel that we are on the right road to receiving more public support and fills me with optimism.
We have another pup with mange which was brought in from a dog pound, she is a jack russell about 5 months of age and a dear litttle dog but as with Lewis she has to be temporarily isolated and will need some more baths and maybe another injection before she is free from the dreaded mites which cause so much irritation and distress in dogs .
There is something strange about the situation with the GSD pup currently in the Pound. A pup answering to that description (its an unusual colour) with the same health issue on the same back leg was taken to OUR vets locally and we are sure it is the same puppy/.That means it was abandoned in another town some days later. Poor little fellow. I am currently following this up and we will take him in and decide on his future once he is in our care.

Mei and I went to look at two ponies today whose owner is in the middle of a divorce - he works away a great deal of the time so there is nobody to care for the animals.To be honest I went to look with the view to just taking photos and advertising them for homes but the field where they were kept was so bad I wanted to move them to a better place immediately.We do have free grazing offered for the summer months but I am going to contact a few people to see if it is possible to place these ponies somewhere else, they have no grass or hay and the field is not suitable at all for equines, I saw beer cans littering it and the ponies themselves appeared quite depressed. There is no room here and frankly we do not have the staffing levels to take on more anyway and there are 3 more ponies being returned tomorrow but something needs to be done. Unfortunately most horse rescues nowadays do not take 'gifted' animals (from homes)because they are so busy with cruelty cases(how dreadful is that? To have so many of those cases) so the days of being able to pass on numbers of other rescues who may help is over.

As promised here are some photos of lucky animals now in brilliant loving homes. Its good to end this blog on a happy and positive note for a change!
From bottom left - Gel a middle ageds ex farm dog once very neglected and sad now pictured at his holiday home in Spain! Dotty the deaf Dalmation now living with another Spottydog, Cleo the mastiff cross sitting on top of her new Staffy friend! A pensive looking Ben (camera shy)another neglected ex farm dog now living happily in Dorset with a new family who adore him and top of page is Gilly(on right) ex farm dog now living with another collie in France. I will do some cat pics soon though I don't receive as many of these from new owners so if there are any reading this - more photos of happy cats please.
just had a call from owner of ponies and it looks as though a riding stables which do Riding for the Disabled are going to take one and maybe two.What a great relief that is to me. I could not sleep last night for worrying.

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