Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Ponies returned after 6 Years.

The first of the returned ponies arrived back today.Ember and Freddy shetlands aged 10 years and 9 years have lost their home after 6 years, it is sad for them but they seem settled enough today.The little one Freddy is a very nervous little chap, he had been abused in his first home and he has never got over his fear of people.He constantly hides behind his pal Ember who is very calm and gentle.They are too young to remain here for the rest of their lives so we will endeavour to place them in a long term home on our Loan scheme.
Lewis came out for a walk with the other dogs today, he has a new coat to wear now which keeps him cosy and warm and he is altogether a much happier dog who looks forward to every meal with so much enjoyment and he dances round me in excitement when I am carrying the bowls of food. There is no visible difference yet to his boniness but his skin is less red and sore though of course he will need many more baths before he is A1. He has had treatment to kill the mange mites and he hardly ever needs to scratch now.It is wonderful to see the light returning to his eyes though he is not keen on having his photo taken hence the 'hangdog' expression which shouts out "I hate my picture being taken" but I told him "sorry Lewis but you are so popular and people want to know how you are nowadays so please tolerate the annoying photographer who promises not to bother you again for a while". He seemed ok with that explanation! A group called Here For Animals have offered to pay for all his treatment and food until he is better and rehomed which is a very welcome gesture and one which I really appreciate.Its good to know there are people who care out there. Every offer of help, supportive words and comments make a difference to me , please keep them coming.
Little Del poodle has someone coming to see her on Saturday. I hope they take her because I am becoming too fond of her already and there are too many other animals needing my help. I have been told of a 14 years old Afghan Hound which is the last dog to be homed after a cruelty case involving him and 16 others. If I can home Molly the Jack Russell who would hassle him too much I would be happy to offer this dog a permanent home.He would get on with Meg and Lewis(only if Lewis fails to get a home and not because I intend keeping him!!)So far Molly has had no interest shown in her, she is not the prettiest terrier I have ever seen but equally as deserving and I live in hope someone nice will come forward for her soon.
Another old cat has joined the conservatory cats, this old tortoishell and white was admitted some weeks ago as a stray and has been unhappy in the cattery, she seems more comfortable now judging by the photo.It is very warm for these cats and I suppose it is more like a real home for them. Most settle in as though this has been their only home, it is strange that they do so when they are having to live closely with so many other oldies but there is rarely an altercation amongst them. It Is certainly not like the Retirement home where my aunt lived in her final years.The residents there were always accusing one another of stealing each others chairs and squabbling amongst themselves, my aunt being the most disruptive of them all. These cats could have taught them all a lesson in tolerance!
There is someone interested in Finchley Ferret, the first equiry I have had and he is coming to meet him and bringing his own ferret(one of 4) to introduce them on neutral territory which will probably be one of the stables. I feel so sorry for Finchley, he desperately needs company of his own kind but we have no idea how he will accept another male even though they are both neutered. Saturday is the big day for him,I just hope he behaves.

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