Sunday, 9 January 2011

Jojo makes a Friend

I have heard that both dogs which went straight to new homes, Jess and Dexter(now Charlie) have not only settled in well but are taking to their new surroundings as though they have lived there forever.That is the news I wait to hear, the news that makes this job the best in the world. Timmy the escapist is fine so Claire from Walkers Creek rescue tells me but I gather Reggie is causing some problems.I hope he settles down quickly and his naughtiness doesn't prevent him going to the home she had lined up for him.Timmy will be collected by his people on Monday though if they have secure fencing he will be fine and will find it easy to adapt as long as there is plenty of affection on offer. Reggie needs more attention and some training to behave, he just needs someone to spend the time with him, if he could do agility or flyball this would be great to keep him mentally stimulated. I admit to feeling anxious about him especially as he is giving Claire problems. He went for her dogs though he has been great with the dogs here and he and Timmy even had their meals together with no aggravation.I expect he was traumatised by the whole move, long journey, unfamiliar surroundings etc.

More kittens have been homed today though its been two out and two in(two adult cats) Due to our low finances we are not exactly closing our doors to new arrivals but at the moment I am only agreeing to take in absolute emergencies and those which have been on the waiting list for a while . It is already costing us £300 per week to feed the cats here so we need to get the numbers down if at all possible. I hate doing it but have no choice. We are fine with complete dog food and if owners can help with spaying costs we are not too out of pocket when we rehome.As for admitting dogs , the poodle yesterday was an emergency, she was elderly and alone in a house but we received no donation for taking her and I am putting my foot down about that. People HAVe to understand we cannot function here without assistance.We are providing a service and it has to be paid for , even a small donation is welcome but it so annoys me when they say they have forgotten to bring one but will send it.Yeh, Yeh. sure they will. I have always been wary of insisting a donation is left when an animal is admitted because in the past they have not turned up and then I worry what has happened , has it been abandoned somewhere to avoid paying for us to take it? Its a difficult one so I usually wait until they get here and of course by then it is too late for them to remember to bring their wallet/purse!
Jojo the old pony has found her niche here, she has joined the group which includes laminitic Sam and oldies Ross and Blue and she appears to be having a bonding(not Bondage)session with Sam shetland.If it continues to go well today and there is no bullying ,she will be able to join them tonight in the Agricultural building where we have two groups of ponies split into two groups.Jojo has never been stabled in her life so the Agri building will be easier for her to adapt to evenings spent under a roof, there is space for her to walk around and she will not feel so enclosed.Pictured here with Sam being brought in for the night by Mei.The other photo is of the main herd waiting for their evening meal and stabling -Big Buster at the front as usual.
Little Del poodle is a sweetie, she is such a nice natured animal, I hope I can find someone nice for her soon, I have had several poodles in the past and I am always tempted by them.Before my first I had always thought they were silly mamby pamby dogs which hated walking and preferred to be caried.I realise now that was the owner who felt that way, in fact poodles are feisty dogs with much personality and character. My previous poodles were elderly when I took them in after their owners had died .I had three, one after another.I would lose one, then another would be admitted. All were white and miniature and looked exactly alike.The last one Solo was not so sweet natured although my then boyfriend Alan adored him and would rock him to sleep in his arms. Most people would not go near Solo, small though he was, he could pack a mighty nip! This dog has a fantastic nature -Del is Welsh for Pretty and I'm sure she will be once we have had her clipped and she is looking tidy again.

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angie said...

hi everyone just to let you know jess appears to have settled really well after her long journey she is eating well and going out for walks she is a beautiful dog and loves to play and run around she found her bark this afternoon which was really funny but she is fine we will send you some photos but i have put some on facebook and i will keep you informed thank you so much