Wednesday, 2 February 2011

In Which I Fall Apart.

The Water Bowser worked wonderfully though today the pipes have defrosted and we have full service back on so not all the water in the tank was used.I can't wait to have a long soak tonight in a perfumed bubble filled bath.Yippee
I have written again to Freecycle so am awaiting a response again.This week there were loads of rabbits, a kitten and an adult cat being offered. It is very worrying -where will they will all end up?Perhaps I worry too much, I cant save every needy animal even though I would like to.Maybe I have a need to worry even if theres nothing to worry about!Really though,I find most people who have an affinity with animals can always find something which disturbs them in this life,I meet so many people like this so I know I am not unusual(and this time I will have no comments on this from John as he is away skiiing in Switzerland - I think I must be paying him too much!)

In spite of the dreadful weather today three enthusiastic dog walkers have turned up and have set off with Office dog Lucy and Caravan dog Cindy.Little Cindy Jack Russell who is only around 6 months of age is one of the Dog Pound dogs , she came in suffering from mange and has been in isolation for a few weeks.Her skin is greatly improved with a course of antibiotics and cortisone injections though it will be a few more weeks before she is fit enough to be adopted.
This month Freshfields is one of three charities selected by Waitrose Menai Bridge Store in Anglesey to have a share in their monthly charity donation so if any readers live in the area please pick up a green token with your shopping and put it in our section of the plastic container situated in the store.The charity with the most tokens at the end of the month receives the largest donation.Do your best for us!

With regard to the two Rheas in need of a home,I had a call from the man who is fostering Mary the pedigree cat who lost two babies recently and to my surprise he told me that he was interested as he already has two Rheas! I knew he had a pig from Freshfields Liverpool but did not remember the birds.Who would have thought homing them could be that easy?
Today has been a Lesley at the End of Her Tether Day' Yesterday I received news which so distressed me I was incapable of doing anything except go to bed early and I was tucked up under the bedclothes by eight o clock.The reason - My dear Lewis was killed yesterday whilst out on a walk.I am truly devastated and I know his new people are feeling the same way. He was walking along a cycle track with his owners and their other two dogs when he suddenly took off, crawled under a gate and raced on to the road to be killed instantly by a van.The track is used by dog walkers every day and seems a safe enough place for well behaved dogs and in all fairness Lewis was a very clingy dog who had never done this before.In retrospect we could say all sorts of things about lurchers needing to be kept on leads but there is no point in recriminations. My William was always off the lead in such places and accidents happen..He was in a happy loving home and had settled incredibly well and was gaining weight.For this to happen is simply horrendous and we are all shattered. To be honest I felt like giving up . Today I am a little calmer but still very tearful and low and forgive me for this rather depressing blog . I thought about not mentioning it but my life is not always about pretty little pets being found new homes.There are downsides as well and this was one hell of a downside.
By tomorrow I am sure I will have recovered my equilibrium and be more able to focus on other issues going on around me here and therefore able to write about happier things. Until then bear with me and dont stop reading.


Anonymous said...

To have a taste of happiness in life, only to lose it so quickly is too sad. Poor little man....

roy said...

Very sad news about Lewis. After all his suffering then a great recovery. What an awful thing to happen.

Sallie said...

So sorry to hear the terribly sad news. RIP at Rainbow Bridge Lewis