Friday, 11 February 2011

A good day for Cats.

The number of animals being returned seemed to trigger something in many people who feel (as I do) that some people simply do not try hard enough with their animals. We seem to be living in a throw away society and attitudes towards the keeping of family pets have certainly changed since over the years and not always for the best. I remember dogs in our family which were not the best behaved but we never at any time considered parting with them . I had a fairly non existent relationship with my older brother but the one thing I will give him credit for is that he kept his pets always no matter what happened ;Brian had a very temperamental boxer which nipped a few vistors but in spite of this flaw in the dogs character,Ben stayed with the family for life.It was just the way it was, pets came and they stayed until the end of their lives. A huge percentage of the population would never consider allowing a dog that misbehaves to remain in the home.Often the problem is something which could be sorted out with some training but at the end of the day it is all about Patience andPerseverance.Some have it,others have none at all and want it all done for them.I often wonder how they deal with their troublesome children, then again not everyone does!

Well speaking of pets returned we are having a bad time of it this month, yet another one was returned today. Wilson a lovely little Patterdale terrier (he does have another home lined up) was chasing the cats(he never did it here) One person who commented on the returned animals theme also had to deal with the same thing when she rescued a dog which hassled her cats but she persevered and eventually things settled down and the animals accepted one another. One of the ex trustees of the charity took in a lurcher which initially wanted to get at her cats and not to play with them either! Patsy worked with Spencer until his hatred of cats turned into ambivalence to the point where he allowed them to sleep with him! There are ex racing greyhounds which have accepted cats in their lives.This is not always possible with certain dogs(Taz the determined strong minded GSD springs to mind) but a great many will learn to live with cats if the owners put some work into it.And there lies the problem - WORK which is a concept which some feel does not go hand in hand with pet ownership.

Sometimes I wish I could keep every animal which is admitted and never have to worry about their futures but of course that is impractical and impossible with the numbers we are asked to take in at the shelter.

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned a few cats which were recently admitted, well all 4 have been reserved, Alexander the Great is going to go with the lovely ginger cat admitted on the same day and Michael and Isaac the cats(shown here with Mei) which were made homeless through an unread tenancy agreement are also going to a home where they will remain together. I am thrilled to bits that they are going so quickly. It means I can take in a few on the waiting list.
Finally our very helpful farmer Mr Roberts donated a water tank to us which he knew we were after and he placed it next to the gate leading to the main field where our horses graze.When it was time for Mei to bring them in, instead of waiting in their usual spot by the entrance they were all stood back staring and snorting at the New Enemy The Water Tank!It took her an hour to persuade them to venture out of the field and even then they took a different path back to the stables thus avoiding the Clearly Dangerous Plastic Tank.Marcasite literally galloped past before it could attack her! Horses are Great, not Brave but Great.

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