Saturday, 19 February 2011

Toby Brightens up Hatties life.

I am pleased to say that Kim the lady who kept her first foster dog has told me that she will still be happy to flook after another dog so I am hoping that the next one to need shelter will not be a German Shepherd type as she has a particular liking for them and that might prove too much temptation to her! I can't blame her for falling for Teddy, I took an immediate liking to him myself, perhaps it was the expression in his liquid brown eyes coupled with his shyness and neglected appearance.All guaranteed to make me fall in love - and before anyone starts trying to matchmake me with their withdrawn scruffy friends - Please dont! I have never been keen on shy neglected looking men but when the same characteristics are attributed to a dog, I just melt. Four legs and a waggy tail make all the difference!
As I write this two big kittens are leaving for their new home.They are 4 months old and that is a difficult age to rehome, it is an in between age, neither a little fluffy kitten nor a mature adult so it is lovely to see these older ones go.It will not be too long before the next batch of kittens start to be born , so it is imperative we try our best to have the 'teenagers' adopted out or they will not stand a chance against the littlies.
Also adopted today is Toby the young collie in the house, he has gone as a companion to a lovely 9 years old German Shepherd Hattie who has lost her collie friend and has been fretting. Hattie is a Freshfields Liverpool dog- Ann used to live there(Liverpool, not Freshfields!) before she moved to Anglesey..The amazing thing is that when Ann the lady who has adoptedToby showed me a photo of Hattie and her absent friend, I could have sworn I was looking at a photo of Toby himself. The two dogs are identical.I am sure that having a new friend around will take away Hatties sadness.She looked so happy when she met with Toby and the two of them hit it off immediately. A match definitely made in heaven.
Wilson the returned Patterdale has settled down well in his new home and they are thrilled with him, he sleeps on their bed and has won over their hearts already. Perhaps it was meant to be and that this is the home which was waiting for him all along.I certainly hope so.
We had a visit today from supporters and friends Marc and Joseph who brought along a neighbour who had adopted a dog from Freshfields last year.It was great to see Sally looking so well and happy but even more than that to see Marc up and about after a very long 4 months in hospital fighting a serious illness. As always they did not come empty handed, in the early days of The llandudno shop I think they kept it stocked almost single handedly. This time they brought food for the cats and carrots for the horses and even thought of the staff with a bag of sweets and goodies. In amidst the hardships of everyday life at an animal shelter, it is the help from supporters and friends which keep us going,it is priceless and never to be underestimated.Without such help our struggle would be a hundred times more difficult and I am forever grateful.
If anybody failed to get through on the telephone yesterday, I apologise - most of the staff were attending the funeral of Gails mother who died last week and was a great animal lover and supporter of Freshfields. Our thoughts are with Gail and her family who requested that instead of flowers donations were to be made to the shelter.

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