Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Legend is returned

Remember Legend the dog thrown in the Quarry? Here he is pictured this morning.Sadly he has been returned because he knocked over the owners elderly mother , he is as nervous as ever but looks well. I am so upset to have him back, he has had too many ups and downs in his life and I had hoped by now he would have been more socialised. Rosie is fostering him though will have to bring him into work with her on her days in as we want to get him used to being with other animals before he goes out again.Next time HAS to be the final home for his sake.

We have 4 more horses being returned due to the carers house being sold and I have to find alternate accomodation for them as soon as possible. Why do I feel that the coming year is going to bring even more of these problems? I think it was an inevitability with the current recession though I didn't expect to have to find space for so many within such a short space of time. These will take the number of returned horses and ponies this past month up to 9.Shown here are two of the loan horses Dids and Buster who will be coming back to us very soon. Little Buster has been in the care of Freshfields since he was a youngster of 7 months .He was rescued from a livery stables where he had been incarcerated in a stable for some months and was subsequently frantic for exercise and freedom by the time we took him over. His owner had stopped paying his stabling fees and Buster was very close to being sent to Beeston Market(not a pleasant place)He is about 15 years now and he and Dids have been inseparable for the past few years, ever since she was admitted in fact.They are both lovely animals and so possibly a longterm home may turn up for them both.
As I write this I can see Mei bringing in the horses and ponies and they are all rushing to get in for their evening meal but little Grandad keeps stopping and looking back at Mei as if to say come on, catch up!No wonder she has a soft spot for him, it appears to be a case of mutual admiration.
Rhian is back to work this week after being laid low with her flu virus though her energy levels are seriously depleted as so often happens after a prolonged bout of sickness. Its good to not only see her back but to have a full quota of staff back;John has returned from his skiing holiday and is refreshed and enthusiastic about returning to work - my words , not his!
A few cats are going out but there are so many waiting for places here including two elderly cats. Within half an hour I took two calls with a similar story. The first wanted to part with her 15 years old pet because she had decided she wanted to spend time travelling abroad!
The second call was concerning a 12 years old cat being made homeless becasue her owner was going to live in Ireland - yes I said IRELAND and not ICELAND. A move which would consist of just a few hours travel overland and instead a flight was booked on an airlane which did not transport pets.As soon as I have spaces I will be taking both cats.They deserves more consideration and care than they have received at this, the twilight of their lives.
The lates news on Teddy the disabled GermanShepherd pup is that he has made himself at home with his new people who have taken him toLiverpool Veterinary College and had his bad leg xrayed.The results have confirmed the first Vet report. that there is now ay of saving the leg but the pup is in no pain and perhaps at a later date it may be an option to remove the damaged leg to make the dog more comfortable. It is good to know he is happy though I do wish the RSPCA would let me know whats going on and if they found out who abandoned him.I hope the callous person whomever he or she may be will not get away with their action though I fear that is exactly what will happen.NOTHING. At least Teddy is safe and that is the most important fact, he has finally fallen into the right hands. Just what he needed.


roy said...

Legend looks very sad ,shame. but lovely picture of the horses.

Anonymous said...

What is it with owners returning so many rescued animals to Freshfields lately? I got my dog from the RSPCA, only to find she was pregnant. She and the resulting pup we kept had separation anxiety issues, and widdled/ chewed through carpets/lino and an expensive burglar alarm. We were committed, and worked through it all. Nine years later, (and one new baby) and we are still all together. They are an important part of my family, and returning them to a rescue centre would be for me a failure on my part.... What happened to a dog is for life...?

lesley said...

Re animals being returned, if you reada the previous blog you will see that a survey done by RSOCA showed dogs only stay in a home for two years on average. Wish everyone was like you but that is not the way many people deal with pet problems im afraid.Its easy come easy go.What a sad way to be.

Anonymous said...

I too am bewildered by people returning animals, on the most part for stupid reasons. We adopted a gorgeous Staffie from the Liverpool shelter in August last year. Our cats are not impressed but have accepted her, as long as she keeps her distance. 5 years ago,this week we adopted a lionhead rabbit also from the liverpool shelter. Im pleased to say she is still going strong and has had two quite serious problems one of which was not long after we adopted her. we never considered returning her or any or our "family" !!! Another rabbit chewed through an expensive handbag and telephone wires. But i had brought him in to the house so it was my fault.
We are believe that you adopt the animal and care for it whatever the problem. Even if it means adapting to its needs.