Thursday, 24 February 2011

Stella is In and Out

On the left is a photo of Shane who has a possible abscess on his foot.The visiting Vet suggested we cover the foot after he treated it but bandages kept coming off when it rained so Rosie and Mei improvised with a tescos bag(thank you Tescos) to cover his foot and secured it with another bandage. Today he seems a lot better and in less discomfort.Shane is one of the remaining ponies rescued from the home in Anglesey two years ago and which were in such a dreadful state, two had to be euthanased.Shane and his pals still require treatment periodically as their hooves were allowed to get in such a bad condition.He is so gentle and stands patiently whilst he receives medical care, he is the Farriers favourite as he is so good when his feet are being trimmed.Actually the previous owner who many will remember caused me a great deal of grief, has started again her campaign to win her animals back.Of course there is no chance at all ,I would not trust her with them ever again but her inability to understand exactly what she has done to these ponies can be exasperating, she is an intelligent woman who thinks she has done no wrong.

We admitted a lovely happy Staffordshire Bull terrier from the Dog Pound yesterday and as luck would have it, Mion has just passed a homecheck for me in Porthmadog .The gentleman came up today and immediately fell in love with Stella(his name for her)so she was here just 24 hours.A record.I can only hope that she stays out and is not returned for any reason.Pictured here is Stewart with his new pal Stella.Its hard to understand why she was unclaimed at the kennels, she is very good condition but there was no collar, tag or microchip on her and she was in the pound for the required seven days..
Yesterday I spent a good part of the day In LLandudno at the shop where there continue to be staff problems, having thought I had sorted it, the problem 'followed' me home(not literally I hasten to add) and I have never felt so like collapsing into bed by 6 pm and putting my head under the bedcovers as I did last night.Animal problems are so much easier to resolve.Dealing with staff is most definitely not my favourite job, it is a necessary part of managing but it can be very uncomfortable as anyone who runs a business will know and it can also be far more frustrating and stressful. Thanks to Judy from Holyhead who made me up a rescue remedy for such occasions.Oh how I needed it.
As regards the possible forthcoming book by yours truly, it is is very early stages of preparation and there is only a slight chance a publisher will snap it up but I am having to dig up memories from my past and as everyone knows it is not always easy.Things like what clothes I wore at that time(horrid from what I remember) what music was playing(easier) etc. it has jumbled up my mind so badly that when the staff here were helping me to load my car with stuff for the shops I pointed to one item and told Rhian to put in in the Cabbage!!!!What I really meant was the suitcase.Fortunately Rhian agreed to put it in the Cabbage!! Bless her for not telling me I have become totally senile. To justify my momentary confusion I have to say that I had been thinking at that moment of events to remember from my past and several things I had to do including buy some cabbage for the rabbits and guinea pigs.Well thats my excuse anyway and I am sticking to it.
Two of our rabbits have left for new pastures, they have gone to a friend of Rosies who has renamed them Dora and Eric.Love those names.It was good to find somewhere for them, there have been no enquiries for bunnies at all other than hers.I was starting to think they would never go and there are two more waiting for a space here.Now they can finally come in.These are two that were advertised on freecycle and I have been concerned about their living conditions so I will be pleased to admit them.
Supporter Lindsay is holding a quiz night in the village of Trawsfynedd on 22nd March at 8pm at the Cross Foxes Public house. Please support her if you like quiz nights and help her raise funds for Freshfields.
Our Easter fair will be held on Good Friday 22nd April at the Royal Sportsman Hotel at the usual time of 10.30am - 2.30. Please join us for a cup of tea or coffee and if any of you can bake cakes or have anything you think may sell well or can be used for the raffle or tombola please contact me.
As you can see we now have a way of accepting online donations, the button shown at the top of the blog takes you to the appropriate page. I am hoping this will improve donations, it will soon be featured on the Freshsfields website too.
Sorry the blog has not been so regular the past week, amongst other things,
my sister has been ill and along with her daughters/husband I am very worried about her.Sandra will be going in to hospital on Tuesday next to have a stent inserted to help improve the function of her heart.

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