Friday, 25 February 2011

Poor Oscar is returned.

I cant believe it - Oscar has been returned because he jumps on the worktops! I am so upset for him.After 2 years in the cattery he must have been so happy to be in a home and now this. I am going to pull out all the stops to find him another home.What is wrong with people? It is all about themselves and not the animals, how could she do this to him? These are the sort of things that homechecks can not help, people can be so plausible when they want something and all the information you give them is either not absorbed or it is ignored.Poor Oscar.
Stewart who took Stella the staff yesterday has rung me today to say he feels as though he has won the lottery, he is overjoyed with his new pet and I am so delighted we gave her a chance after her stint in the Dog Pound.I hope he still feels that way six months from now! May she continue to give him companionship and pleasure and restore my faith in those who adopt pets from shelters.I know there are millions of happy owners but lately it has been rather dispiriting and Stewarts phone call came just at the right time.
We have another fundraising event later this year - Paul Watson Brown is running a marathon in Edinburgh on 22nd April and will be raising funds for us via sponsorship. Paul is the husband of Linda who is trying to help me get my book published and I am grateful to them both for their interest in the charity.Our Easter/spring fair has been organised for Good Friday at The Royal Spoortsman 10.30am - 2.30pm.If I could have a fundraiser each month it would help tremendously.Hope Springs Eternal.
LInda has been asking me for photos of myself during the 60's and I am struggling to find one because I destroyed most of them or lost them over the years and with moving house etc. I never thought I would be asked for them or that anyone would want to see them(I certainly didn't!)I wish now that I had put them in scrapbooks but its so easy to allow photos to gather and not find time to store them properly isn't it. I did find one or two but I'm sure they were not of me, I looked far too thin and attractive!
A quiet day for adoptions, just two pets rehomed.Kellie the collie (pictured here)from the Dog Pound has gone to live with another Freshfields dog on the Wirral.The two dogs took to each other immediately, its great to see this happen, they can derive so much enjoyment from playing with another dog .Adult tortoishell cat Jazz was the second adopted pet.Oh well two is better than none
The problem I was dealing with at LLandudno not only followed me home but seems to have taken up permanent residence.In my head, at least. It is so sad when in trying to do the right thing for everyone concerned and that includes the charity, it turned and bit me on the bum(metaphorically speaking) I have always said that it is people not animals which cause the most problems at an animal shelter and this is a prime example. Why is that when you do or say something to certain people that they are unhappy with, they turn and attack the very institution(in this case Freshfields) that they purported to be dedicated to? This is over having to ask a volunteer to leave who was displaying a great deal of aggression towards other staff members.,Was I being unreasonable? Of course not but now I have to deal with the backlash instead of doing the important things concerning the animals here at the shelter. Now that really does annoy me. There are not enough hours in the day here, the record keeping is a full time job in itself and this ongoing situation is , in my view detrimental to the REAL work, that of running the animal shelter itself and caring for the creatures which depend on us so much.


kim said...
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kim said...

Poor Oscar.i truly hope you find a home soon.Animals do do things you don't want them to at first,then they learn where and where not to go if you take your time and settle them in properly.

We for instance have taken our fantastic Yogi,he is a beautiful German Shep and is full of trouble ,but in a good way.The first time we let him into our room he jumped on and off the Yellow Leather Sofa with his dirty paws.Have we returned him to you? no,and why? because we have now had him 10 days and he is fantastic. He is respectful,sits on command, toilets outside,and is learning to walk nice on the lead.On the barmy side,he runs mad outside in the pen with our other 2 Sheps,he gets all the toys out and trys to play with them all at once,and is an absolute Joy to have around.So a massive Thank you to Freshfields for finding us a new family member,and you Keep up the good work .Best Regards Kim, Andrew, Nugget Kenya ,and of course Yogi x

kim said...

Oh anonymous
Im sorry but i dont think this is the right place to vent..
I dont need to readhorrible things when i logg on to Freshfields.perhaps you can refrain and send Leslie private emails instead.I would hate for this to be used as a course of Harrasment Or Defamation of Character .
Private things shouldnt be written for all to see.

Sue said...

Surely everyone who supports Freshfields does so because they care ? We must care for each other as well as the animals - but they depend on us - totally and must come first. Don't let other stuff get in the way or harm what is so good - and matters so much.
Please find a way forward with love in your hearts and to heal the hurt. If Freshfields isn't the place for you - move on with dignity - not with bitterness and distruction in your heart.

Lesley is doing SO much - so many challenges and worries everyday - she is to be admired and supported. ..... And Lesley just hang on to what is good - so much you achieve and do everyday does make a real difference and will in the future. Thank you so much for all you do and for being you !!!! A 'background' supporter

kim said...

Sue i totaly agree and i fully support and admire Leslie for all her hard work she does for the Animals out there that people so easily dispose of.I am forever greatfull for the new addition to our family and im sure already Yogi does too.

lesley said...

Thanks to supporters.I have deleted the rants and raves of "Anonymous" not because I have anything to hide , I certainly do not but because it is not a rational comment and the author is being dealt with as I write this.Thanks again.