Sunday, 20 February 2011

Long Term Resident Oscar Has His Day.

I had very little sleep last night, the pack of hounds which are incarcerated on the land adjoining our top fields were baying until nearly midnight, they set off my dogs and half the dogs in the neighbouring village! I have no idea what set them off but there were a lot of lights on so there was clearly some disturbance to their routine.The poor creatures do not have any semblance of a normal life and who can blame them for being overexcited when there is activity around them.Its all they have to do most days. If Horrid Hawksworth complains about the noise from my dogs he will have to admit to the reason and of course he will make no complaint about the Hounds, he never does no matter how loud they are but there are enough witnesses who heard the hullabaloo to know the reason behind the unexpected noise. I have just discovered he has complained to the RSPCA about the condition of the dogs belonging to my next door but one neighbours(the others that he harasses) and they are very much loved animals and well cared for. I cannot envisage a life where my main hobby would be to make the lives of others miserable and to spend so much time writing letters and making telephone calls with complaints.I have yet to hear anyone utter one good word about him. Oh well thats his problem!
Long term feline resident Oscar (pictured here)had his moment of glory today when he finally 'met' someone who fell for his glossy black coat.Oscar has been here since he was a kitten in 2009, he was well overdue for a home and we are all so pleased for him, I am looking forward to hearing how he settles. It has made our day that little bit more special.Oh and the sun has been shining too whch added to the upbeat mood of the staff here today.
Dingo will not be going to his new home after all because , although the vet told me there was nothing major wrong and he would enjoy an active life for many years to come, the results of his test did show some wear and tear which was offputting to his prospective owner due to her active lifestyle.I was very very disappointed and wonder if he will ever appeal to anyone again.He is not the easiest dog and far from the prettiest, he will need a very special person and there are so few around willing to take on such a dog. It is hard to be optimistic sometimes when even easy dogs get returned.Dingo will be very lucky indeed if I manage to find someone suitable for him.He is such a loyal chap too.
Mei is outside busily pumping up the tyre of the quad bike which has a slow puncture - we need a couple of new tyres pretty soon and I am about to take out the house dogs on their second exercise session of the day. It will be nice not to get blown about and soaked for a change.Not that the dogs care, they enjoy it no matter what although Meg Lurcher is not overly keen on the rain and often slopes back to the house after the first 10 minutes.Many a time I want to join her and race back to the comfort and warmth indoors but the enthusiasm of the others chasing each other round and round the field prevents me from spoiling their fun. Its a Dogs Life!

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