Friday, 4 February 2011

A Day of Positivity

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about the loss of Lewis, I am grateful to you for your support, a few kind words go a long way. A friend took me out for lunch to cheer me up, food always helps for me.I eat when I am low and I eat when I am cheerful, I even eat when I am sick - very little makes me suffer a loss of appetite unfortunately! Anyhow today is a new day and its onward and forward once again.I thought because of yesterdays sadness todays blog would be a happy one so I am posting some of my favourite photos and to add to them a list of nice things which have happened in the past 24 hours.

1. I had a lovely afternoon off yesterday and my friend bought me a fridge magnet with a message which made me laugh.
2. I received a telephone call from a long term supporter of Freshfields who is going to send £1,000 to help the animals here.
3. We had a visit this morning from Steve who adopted Tess a Staffordshire Bull Terrier we rescued from a Dog Pound, he brought her to see us and also donated some cat and dog food, then kindly offered to take loads of bags and boxes of goods to our Llandudno Shop saving me a trip.
4. A homecheck passed for one of the Jack Russell pups.
5. Daisy cat has been adopted.
6. I found a piece of forgotten chocolate in a cupboard!.
I was going to put No.7. Spoke to Rhian who is recovering from a virus but she sounded worse than ever and clearly was not well at all so I will have to be content with 6 Nice Things.

The photo at the bottom is one I took whilst in Canada,it shows a mother Elk and her baby. The dog pic shows Finlay the white german Shepherd rescued from a dog pound locally and adopted by Rhian who snapped him sitting with her other dogs in the snow. Rhian has quite a gift for photography and has taken some of the most stunning photographs of dogs I have ever seen
The horsey pic is of two of our horses whilst on loan and running with two companions.Ours are Abby the bay on the extreme left and Buster the big Grey who is now back with us.I really love this photograph,its one of my finer moments when it turned out just the way I wanted it;in fact it is featured on some of our sales good pens. Abby shown again looking over the barn door and dear little Celt with his foster mum.Celt is of course now about 3 years old but was just a few hours old when he was admitted here after his mother died on the hills.Mei and I hand fed him until an appeal put out in the Daily Post brought us a temporary foster mum for him in Anglesey. We have a special place in our hearts for him , he was so little and vulnerable when he arrived and he was the first foal we had admitted that young so we were very anxious about doing the right thing but he continued to thrive and it was the icing on the cake when we found a new mum for him.
Then there is Freddie (the chestnut on the right) meeting newcomer Murphy over the stone wall.Murphy, a handsome Irish Draft cross is on loan to a lady in Anglsey and Freddy is still with us at the shelter. There are so many favourite photos, far too many to publish so I will end with Cariad our temperamental mascot cat who has been with us almost since I started the shelter in Wales. Cariad is a cat with attitude and her fluffiness belies her true character which is not always sweet, we have all sported scratches from her at one time or another but in spite of this or maybe because she IS so grumpy, she is a real favourite with everybody.

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