Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dingos x Ray Results are Good.

These photos show the good side of animal rescue, photos sent to me by proud owners who are delighted with their adopted pets.On the left is Molly collie an ex farm dog who is obviously preferring the life she has now and Lucy who it appears is not fretting for me at all and why should she with so much attention and affection being bestowed upon her. I love these photos , they make my day.On the days when things go wrong and I feel like giving up ,the sight of happy pets in their (hopefully) forever homes lifts my spirits.That is what it is all about and it reminds me of the reason I started the charity all those years ago.

DIngo had an x ray today and all is well, there is nothing wrong with him other than muscle wastage from a lack of exercise in his last home.What a relief,I am about to ring the lady who wants him to tell her the good news.
Paddy the Great Dane too has had blood tests to find out why he is losing weight (he has lost 5lbs since he was last weighed and I have upped his food intake. too) The tests results have come back negative so I now have to try a different food, his legs are very bad at the moment and I have had no luck finding an acupuncturist to help this problem.Poor old Paddywhack,I wish he had been mine when he was younger and perhaps surgery might have helped him then,.Who Knows! Speaking of surgery , Teddy the disabled GSD pup has had an operation today at Leahurst Vet Hospital in Cheshire.Whilst I was in the Vet surgery this morning , I met the lady who has given him a home and she has promised to let me know if the op was a success or not.Fingers crossed.
Further to the whole Teddy Saga, I heard today that the original owner/breeder is trying to get rid of Teddys mother which is a white longhaired German Shepherd.We are trying to get her to a place of safety tomorrow where we can ensure she will not have any more litters ,Rhian is on the case.

How relieved am I - the cat I was worried about after my disagreement with the owner was admitted today, the owners friend brought her in so I was really pleased that he did so. I had already arranged for a friend to go along to the address to collect her so one way or another I was determined the cat was coming here to be with her daughter so he saved me the trouble.Both cats pictured here.Mitzi is the mother cat lying down and her daughter Dizzy is the one sitting at the side of a cat scratching post.
The cattery staff and I are upset today at the death of a kitten homed at the weekend and all feel responsibility. In retrospect a mistake was made homing him before he was fully ready and we are holding a meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation.Without apportioning blame to any one person, this should not have happened and I want to make sure that it never does again. Not looking forward to tomorrow but the meeting is extremely important for the future welfare of the cats and kittens in our care.The health and safety of the animals at the shelter is always paramount yet somehow this has slipped through the net and it is unacceptable. I am deeply distressed and mortified at what has been a fatal oversight.

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roy said...

Not a good week Lesley no matter how hard you try there is always someone being awkward .I know the feeling . Anyway you are doing a great job with little thanks most people admire your efforts.