Friday, 5 March 2010

Scouse cats and scouse dogs

I Have been away to Liverpool for a Trustee meeting and decided to stay over.It can be very tiring to drive back the same day. The last puppy "Elliot" had a home waiting for him on Merseyside so I was able to deliver him at the same time.I also brought back 4 feral cats which needed a place of safety. With the arrival of these Scouse newcomers, our feral enclosure is now full though I have hopes a couple of these new cats may be domesticated in time. Two lovely little dogs also accompanied me back to Wales because they were alone in their house after their owner died and the Liverpool shelter were unable to accommodate them.Penny and Tuppence are 11 years old and Penny is deaf. They have joined my other little oldies in the house but I want to find them a home where they can stay together.Whoever has these dogs will have two great little companions, they have such sweet natures.
I know a few people from the Us and Canada read this so they will probably be wondering what Scouse means. The slang term for anyone from Liverpool is a Scouser or Scouse! Although I do have a Liverpool accent its not a very strong one and I am frequently referred to here as Posh Scouse!!!! Dont ask me where the term comes from and I know I should know being one myself but I think its something to do with the stew type meal 'scouse'. Im sure someone who reads this will let me know.
There are people coming to see both Thunder and 7 years old Rollie tomorrow and there is also a lot of interest in the young lurcher Tigger. He is not going to be easy to find the right home due to his extreme nervousness and his total lack of house training but I know there is someone out there who will take him on, warts and all. At least he is young enough to adapt and learn.
We have had a few youngsters doing work experience here lately and it can be a very good help, providing they dont think of coming here as just a break from school or college and believe me many do think that. In the past we have had some very tiresome teenagers here who clearly regarded a week here to be something of a holiday.There have even been incidents of opposite sexes disappearing not behind the bike shed but behind the stables and I certainly dont want to be held to account over a teenage pregnancy! A lesson was learned by overlooking THAT possibility. Last week we had a nice girl Cerys working here and today we have local girls Cennin and Shelby who seem to be genuinely interested in the animals and are enjoying the work so far. So far so good.
Rhian has just called me to look at a cat which was sent in to the Vet yesterday for spaying, she had already been spayed (she was admitted as a stray) but under her front leg was a mess of scabs and open wounds which the vet has stitched.It may be that she has at some time had her leg caught in a collar - it looks similar to the injury of a tabby cat we had here last year/That cat was admitted by her owner and the collar was tight round her front leg with a massive open wound underneath which the owner had failed to notice!!!!! Unbelievable.
From my office I can see the pigs pottering about,its such a nice day today and they always appear for a scavenge and a touch of exercise.I say a touch because it generally consists of a very slow meander from their house to the fence to see if there is any food and then a sleep in the sun. They are pretty old so like people as they get older their activities tend to be more moderate. Its a great life for a pig.

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K9friend said...

What adorable pups! I do hope they are able to find a good home where they can stay together.