Sunday, 28 February 2010

Meet Ella, SiIver and Cadi

Here are photos of the two new cats who although are from the same home appear to actively loathe one another! In a way that is good because it is much easier to place one in a home than two, but it does mean that the space we had reserved was for two cats which would get on well together, never mind I have a feeling the beautiful silver tabby will not be with us for long.He is stunning but personally I prefer the rather plain but sweet natured little black female Ella. The stunners always go first but every now and then someone comes to choose a cat and will surprise us by taking one of the less attractive animals.I love it when that happens, it shows they have looked beyond the outer skin. Sometimes when I worked with the dogs at Liverpool I would take prospective adopters along the row of kennels so that they could see the dogs and it would constantly amaze me how quickly some people could decide that there was nothing there to suit .It would not matter if they had asked for a small dog and we had 20 such dogs, they would not stop to talk or to look into their eyes. I often wondered what they were really looking for, a pedigree maybe? Some of the nicest animals are not always the prettiest but have the sweetest natures, bit like people really!
We have just had a couple turn up with a lovely but stray collie cross spaniel about 8 months of age and she is not only very attractive but has a loving nature also. Cadi as Mei has decided to call her is sure to appeal to people. They have had her for three days so it looks unlikely an owner will turn up, she has no Identification on and no microchip. What a surprise!
This morning two of our kittens which were homed some months ago, were returned so they could be microchipped(they were too young at the time) and they have come back with parents(the humans, not the cats!) who live outside the area , with the view to them taking on one of our felines.They had rather liked a feral ginger but they do not have the right circumstances to look after him, he is a true feral and needs either a farm type home or someone with experience of taking on one of these cats. Anyhow Meirwen is showing them round the kitten room which is full of "teenagers". Heres hoping they choose one, we have been left with 8 kittencats from the last kitten season and it would be lovely if we could place them with people before the next season when we will be inundated with young kittens. These in betweenies will have little chance then of being chosen. There will be too much competition.
I can hear Barbara plaintively calling Bonnie (Foxhound)who has obviously gone on one of her famous" I am off to to find more food" walkabouts. Her first port of call will be our bins, then Nice next door neighbours bins but thankfully she has never found her way over to Nasty neighbours yet(thank goodness) Depending on what goodies she finds she may be back within minutes but Barbara has taken the car to go and retrieve her. Thankfully we are very rural here but it is not a happy situation when a dog goes off the property and we always worry until Bonnie is back safely. I have never had a dog that does this before and now there is Bonnie and to a lesser degree William.William is now getting old and never leaves the shelter unless with me in the car but in the past he has proved very hard to confine. I feel ashamed that any of my dogs have this bad habit and suspect it is because they have been used to roaming the countryside before they came here. William before he came to me had been shot,his back and hips are peppered with lead shot which has now led to his being arthritic. He came to me after being taken to a dog pound and was earmarked for destruction when his owner failed to collect him. His loss,my gain.
As I finish this Bonnie has already returned so her little trip was not off the property . The visitors have taken a teenage black cat which is great so its a happy ending to the day

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Here's hoping there are many more adoptions to come.