Saturday, 13 February 2010

Fingers crossed for a sick abandoned pup

Its a lovely bright crisp day here but very quiet on the visitor front. A couple of people came to see dogs but many seem to think we have a kennel full from which to choose so they(and us) were disappointed and went away empty handed. Not to worry,the right people will turn up for Buddy and the pups.
We had a little terrier brought here yesterday afternoon, he was found on the LLanberis road, neutered and in good condition so it is possible someone may come forward to claim him.I do wish more pet owners would microchip their animals, it makes returning them so much quicker. Of course the fact an animal has a microchip is not always indicative of a caring owner, we have had cats admitted whose owners we have traced via the microchips but they failed to collect their pets.In fact we have just had a pretty tortoishell admitted this morning from Anglesey. she has a microchip so we have informed the petlog company and are currently waiting to hear from the owner.
The pigs are out lying in the sun today, we rarely see them during the coldest spells,they prefer to remain snuggled into their straw beds,venturing outside only to eat.Its nice to see them enjoying the fresh air. They must be around 13 years of age now, I inherited them when I moved in and they had already lived here some years.
The man who delivers our hay has just turned up with a small storage container he has obtained for us to store the horse feed,I am delighted, we are very short of storage space here and this will make the world of difference. There is another available and we could make good use of that too but the problem is where to locate it. It would be very useful for us to keep our cat food and bedding/cages etc. I need to give it some thought and try to find a discreet spot for it to live. I have to be aware of the impact it would have on my miserable next door neighbour who will undoubtedly complain to the local council. Still, it would be a a shame to lose it.
This morning Rhian had a text from Receptions Sharon at our local Veterinary Surgery. She had found a puppy barely alive under the hedge by the car park, someone uncaring and vile had dumped this poor little lurcher pup obviously because it was sick.Later tests showed the pup to have the dreaded Parvo Virus. We are all routing for him to survive but its touch and go at the moment. god that makes me so angry.Wish I could get my hands on the person who abandoned him. Having no money is not an excuse, there is help out there for such people and the poor little thing could have been there all night, nobody was seen doing it during the morning and its not a place that can be walked to so a car would have been seen.
This isnt the cheeriest of blogs so am including some omy favourite photos from round the shelter to brighten up the day. Guess which captions fit each photo?
Quick, lets make a run for it, the dentist is here
I am fed up, she has gone out AGAIn without me.
I know you cant see me really
Its a bit off when they cant afford to provide us with PROPER beds.
Im far too tired to walk
Wonder why my mum doesnt look like me?
Whilst they arent watching Ill see if there is any food in here
I have told them time and time again Im Welsh and prefer to play rugby

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K9friend said...

I hope the little pup makes it. Parvo is a terrible thing.

The pictures are definitely a bright spot featuring some very handsome critters!