Sunday, 21 February 2010

Pups enjoy the snow

Ive been having trouble with the computer again,this high tech world we now live in has opened up so many doors and personally I love the net and the information readily available at my fingertips - HOWEVER when things go wrong , which they do on a regular basis, I could willingly rip my hair out and probably that of anyone who is unfortunate to venture near at this stressful time
Anyhow now for an update on little Connie who has recovered from her health scare the other night. We all feel it is close to her time and none of us wish her to go through another ordeal of having a tube stuck down her throat to clear the obstruction, she is too elderly and to be frank I really regret not making the decision then. It will be in this coming week i just need a few days to face up to it but she will go in peace and with the dignity she deserves.
Like many other places, this morning we have faced thick snow everywhere, the dogs really do love it and today the pups Elliot and Chester ventured out in the fields for the first time, it was lovely to see them, it was so exciting, they hardly knew where to run first. Chester, the braver of the two suddenly disappeared headfirst into the snow and was taken by surprise (see photo) but soon recovered his composure and started to chase his brother across the field(2nd pic).Although the rest of the litter were snapped up there is no interest at all in the last two and they are lovely pups, at twelve weeks they have got to the stage where they are not quite so appealing as when they were little balls of fluff .(not how I see them of course, to me and the people here- they are as adorable now as they were when they first arrived)
The great problem with this weather is that some members of my staff are unable to get in to work so we struggle to get the work done and those who can travel in like Mei, have to give up their days off. i think sometimes she feels like moving further away. It also makes me realise what a bonus it is having Barbara living on site , before there would be just Mei and me coping and it was very difficult. At least this time the pipes have not frozen(yet) so I am thankful for that at least.
A date has been decided for our Open Day this year, it will be sunday 1st August, but before that I have to organise an Easter Fair at The Royal Sportsman Hotel in Porthmadog so if any readers have ideas for either of these events I would be pleased to hear from you.
Jade, the staff ordshire bull terrier with mange is not improving as well as we had hoped and is now being bathed every other day and remains on antibiotics - some days she does not even want to go for a walk because her feet are sore, I think maybe its time to look at alternative treatments, this skin problem can be so debilitating and it would be lovely to see her fit enough to be put up for adoption. I have never been a fan of bull breeds though find it appalling that so many are killed each week in rescue centres in the UK. Jade will make someone a lovely companion , her nature is gentle and quiet and at the age of six she has never had a really loving person her own to care for her. Its infuriating that her previous owner failed to keep up the treatment prescribed by the vet and paid for by the PDSA. Had he done so, her mange would not have gained such a strong hold on her.As I write this, she is in an indoor kennel in the office and is fast asleep. I know many people are opposed to the use of these indoor cages and I too once had misgivings about the use of them, however now my belief is that they can provide a sense of security to nervous dogs and can be useful also when dogs need to be seperated from one another,ie after an operation. At the shelter they are a godsend when a dog like Jade arrives, she needs to be isolated from other dogs and although she has many good qualities, she is not a cat lover so it would be unsafe for her to be loose in the office when cats often sneak in. Of course she is taken out regularly and once she is better she owners will be moved somewhere more suitable.
I have just spotted an escapee feral cat on the roof. In spite of special wire fencing which has kept our feral cats safely enclosed for some years, this smart young black and white female has discovered a way out .Amazingly no others have managed to follow her to freedom and once she has escaped she simply waits for the next mealtime and then sneaks in past the member of staff acting as dinner lady for the day. That is one clever little cat.
Some of the snow is now melting, maybe tomorrow cars will once again be able to make their way up to the shelter,it affects our pet adoptions when people cannot access our track.Only the 4x4 drivers can make it up here and sometimes even they struggle.
ps: couldnt resist taking this photo here of the youngsters, merlin, Celt and Shamrock(well his nose anyway!) waiting eagerly for their breakfast.

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