Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Boss is Back in Town

No, its not Bruce Springstein, just me returning from a restorative three weeks break in South Africa .Thanks to my aunt who died last year and left me a little money I was able to take this wonderful holiday, it is the first time I have left the shelter for this length of time and of course I missed the animals and worried if all was well. Fortunately all was fine except of course for the sad demise of little Sion. I was also very pleased the wild birds were not forgotten, thanks for the photographic proof girls ! Rhian has done a great job of the blog though I know she is more than happy to hand it back over,it is not always easy to find interesting things to write about. Some days are not exactly dull(never that here) but monotonous and I know sometimes I wonder how to make the events more interesting to blog readers. Anyhow if you want to read more from Rhian read her amusing blog"Talis Tails" especially if you are a German Shepherd lover or a George Michael fan! If not you have been warned.
It has been a busy morning here and I have been thrown back into the deep end although I am not yet recovered from lack of sleep on the long flight home. Don the collie has gone off to his new home in Windsor and his new people may be interested in another young collie should one be admitted. A lovely ginger cat and two "teenage" cats have left us for new homes and a pup has been reserved. Not bad at all.
As always, when we are delighted for some to leave us, another arrives,this time in the shape of a nine months old Siberian Husky female called Thunder. Poor Thunder was only in her home one day and night because the resident dog took a dislike to her and was attacking her constantly. Prior to that home she had been with a couple who gave up on her after a few months so she has really been pushed around in her short life. Rosie is going to foster her until we can find a permanent loving place for her
Whilst on holiday my friends and I had several animal encounters and one day managed to catch a very distressed Boxer dog running in front of traffic on a busy road. After a time spent tracking her, we found her collapsed in a ditch, exhausted and terrified . I then spent a satisfying but uncomfortable journey to the local animal shelter with a very wet and dirty dog snuggled up to me and giving me wet sloppy kisses on the back seat of the car! She was so pleased to be rescued. We were all delighted when we rang the shelter next day to find out she had been claimed.
A less pleasant incident involved a troop of baboons! Very stupidly and in typical tourist fashion we stopped the car to take photos of them and thinking that we were safely on the far side of the road and therefore unthreatening to them we got out of the car! Bad move! The large and aggressive looking male baboon started to race across the road, I shouted get back in NOW but only Julie and myself jumped back in the car, the driver and passenger were still outside but had left their doors open and Big Daddy Baboon leapt into the seat in front of us and began eating a packet of crisps left on one of the seats whilst carefully watching us who were almost paralysed with fear on the back seat. "Get out NOW" was my next warning. I have never exited a car so fast in my life. My other friends were safer outside though Tom rather foolishly made an attempt to retrieve a bottle of water on the back seat only to have Big Daddy fly at him screeching in rage . Sandra was desperately trying to get to a place of safety and asked the occupants of another car if she could wait in their car.Their reply was to turn away and lock their doors against the mad englishwoman! One hour later we managed to repossess our hire car. Fortunately there was no damage except to our damaged egos. I think it fair to say that we all felt extremely ashamed of our stupidity. If this type of incident occurs regularly and complaints are made, it could prove fatal to the future of these wild baboon troops and that would be no joke.
It is now time to deliver Thunder the husky to Rosies home so I must sign off but not before I say its really good to be home.


K9friend said...

Welcome back. Sounds like you had an eventful trip!

Tali said...

Nice to have you back boss woman!