Thursday, 11 February 2010

Nell leaves us and two ginger cats arrive.

Nells homecheck has passed with flying colours and today she left us for her new life. I am anxious and will be waiting to hear that she is fine, until then I shall worry, I cant help it.
After doing the homecheck I went to our Llandudno shop and was delighted to see that it looked really good and seemed to be doing better than before with lots of people browsing and some even making purchases, what we still need urgently are more goods ( clothes and other saleable items) Jan, the manageress has made some good changes in the shop and it is definitely making a difference.
Two beautiful ginger cats have been admitted today(see photo) The brothers have lost their home due a childs allergy but they are so handsome I doubt they will stay with us for very long. Their names are LLew which in English means Lion and Miri which means cheerful. What lovely names. Right now Miri is far from cheerful but settling in a new environment is not easy for a cat and he will be fine in a few days.
Flopsy rabbit is being adopted by a supporter of Freshfields who lives in Derbyshire so we know she is going to have a good life there, Janet often comes to stay with Rosie and volunteers her services at the shelter during her stay.
Roy from our Caernarfon shop has been here on his day off - a great day off for him, he has been putting up floodlights by our stables.This is a job we have needed doing for sometime and will make a big difference to the staff who have to fumble about in the dark on winter evenings. I really dont know what we would do without Roy, he is such a great help to us, he works so hard in the shop but also is ever willing to collect animals at a moments notice not to mention the odd jobs he does at the shelter. He and Veronica bookeeper extraordinaire and myself started a conversation about age and how some people are young for their age and others seem old before their time. We all of course felt we belonged to the first category although I had a sharp , unpleasant shock and a reality check whilst on holiday. I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and join my holiday companions on a paragliding experience. The holiday mood had taken over and all reason went out the window. I have been terrified of heights all my life so I truly must have had a moment of real madness. Anyhow before I could protest I was strapped in and we were off! The 20 something instructor encouraged me to " look at the wonderful view", however I was so frozen with fear I could barely move a muscle never mind my head! Anyhow on the wonderful return to ground level he said well done, I love taking out old people for the first time!!! Who said age is how you feel? Talk about coming down to earth with a bump - in more ways than one. It may just be time I faced up to the fact that I may FEEL thirty but clearly do not LOOK as youthful as I feel.!! BUMMER!
Dear little Bertie terrier who came in with a serious case of mange some weeks ago has been fostered by our new volunteer Caroline and I hear he has settled in as though he has lived there all his life.I am so pleased for him, he needed some extra love and attention and because of his skin problem we were unable to allow him the freedom at the shelter we would normally have given him. Of course we all hope he may stay with his fosterer but if Caroline reads this NO PRESSURE - HONESTLY!
Jim the pony for whom we have been supplying hay was due to be brought in next week but his owner who had been pressurising us to take him as soon as possible, rang today to say there was no problem, his daughter was having him. I am dumbfounded, why on earth did the daughter not have him in the first place and if she can afford to have him why did WE have to supply food for him?
Today was farrier day. 16 had their feet trimmed,the next visit will be April when some will need a vet present to sedate them. Not all our equines are malleable and some go completely wild like little Maggie shetland who in spite of her small stature is a farriers nightmare. It can be a very stressful procedure for a nervous animal and mild sedation prevents the animal becoming too agitated and saves the farrier from serious injury and the charity from a possible lawsuit!!!

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It seems as though progress, however slow, is being made, thanks to everyone's hard work.