Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nell is Found

Wonderful news, dear Nell (above)has been found. This morning a farmer heard a dog barking and having investigated, spotted poor Nell caught up in wire fencing.Thankfully she still had her lead attached to her and although there could have been a different, worse scenario,this time her lead saved her life. He was able to extricate her and read the phone number on her collar.So she is back home safe and sound. Both her new owner and I shed a few tears on the telephone,it was such a great relief to hear that she was safe. Tonight we will all have a better nights sleep.
Rhian collected the pup from the vet and we have all fallen in love with her! Already named Millie, she looks like a collie cross whippet, she has the lurcher temperament, very nesh and babylike. It was hard to take a photo of her because she just wants to be cuddled all the time and has no interest in running about as a collie pup would have. Bookeeper extraordinaire Veronica is in today and Both Veronica and I love lurchers, I have two of course, William the Wonderdog and 10 years old Meg and Veronica has always had lurchers.She has offered to foster the little one which is brilliant, this little pup needs some comfort. Pictured are Millie with and without coat and I must say the wording on the coat could not be further from the truth but it was the only one we could find that fit her.. Millie is too dainty and frail to put her in with the two pups we have, they would be far too boisterous for her tocope with. There is another pup, however due to come in.I had a call this morning from a woman who had a 14 weeks old cross collie pup which was "vicious". Somehow I doubt it very much. As she has children ranging from 10 months - 5 years I suspect there has been some mishandling there. I will know soon, "Squiggles" is being fostered for the next week and his foster carers will soon tell me if there is a behavioural problem.
A date has been decided for our Easter Fair at the Royal Sportsman in Porthmadog - 1st April, Thursday, details we have yet to arrange but at least we have a date now. I need to round up some cake makers for the day, I would love to bake a cake myself but my offerings are generally of the burnt variety and I would be loathe to inflict them on anyone.
The day has been spent in the office with admin work, paying some of the more urgent (and smaller) bills and tedious work on the computer so I feel a desperate need to have a break from this computer screen and have an early night.


pamela said...

Great news Nell is back. What a foxy lady.

K9friend said...

Wonderful that Nell has been found. The pup pictures are so cute!