Saturday, 27 February 2010

The importance of making a will

I knew it - Veronica doesnt want to part with Millie, she rang this morning to say if all went well with Millie and her other dogs, she would like to keep her. The last few dogs fostered out have all found permanency with their carers.It is lovely for the dogs when that happens but we have lost our foster homes which is a great shame and means we then have to look for others to do it. Rosie has been tempted to keep Max the last collie pup she fostered (though she has fostered many dogs and not succumbed previously) and Caroline is keeping terrier Bertie and now it looks as though Judy is going to give a permanent home to Alfie terrier. Oh well at least we know for sure that these dogs will be loved and cared for.
Another young lurcher has been found, this time it is a male about a year old, thin and nervous but a very striking dog(see photo). I wish I could find out who is breeding them so indiscriminately, though there is not a lot I could do to prevent it recurring I could at least keep an eye on them and even offer to spay their females. What am I talking about? As if they would allow that! this is clearly a money making issue.No doubt they are supplying them to local farms or rabbit killers. It isnt as if they are well cared for either which would not be quite so bad.
By the way,the vicious pup from my last blog is as expected NOT in the least bit aggressive. Squiggles is a normal pup though a little shy at the moment. My thoughts on children mishandling him seem to be correct. His foster "mum" says he is fine and is sending me a photo this weekend so I can advertise him for a home.
It has not been a bad day today, the sun is shining , there is only snow left on the very top fields and once again we are accessible to members of the public.
Two adult cats have been homed ,one claimed by his owner and then there was a rather "hairy" moment when a lady turned up saying her brother had brought her cat here whilst she was away on holiday! The cat Smokey had in the meantime been rehomed by us some weeks ago. Fortunately she was happy that the cat had a home but it could so easily have been a very awkward moment even though we were not at fault- Smoky had been handed over after a disclaimer form was completed by his "owner".
Two more cats have been admitted,their owner has gone into a residential home and they were not wanted by the relative,both cats had been fed bya neighbour for the past week but they were locked out of the home they had shared for 4 years and I can only wonder at their distress and confusion at this sudden change in their circumstances. I do wish people would ensure that their pets will be looked after properly in the event of illness or death. A clause in a will or even a written request with a neighbour or family member can prevent a similar situation arising. Over the years I have had experience of pet owners asking neighbours to take on their pet(s) with the promise of a bequest in the evEnt of their death. Not everyone is open and honest and we have taken on many pets whose owners believed in promises made that their loved pet was going to have a home for life.NOT ALWAYS SO. One little jack Russell was literally dumped on our doorstep after the owner passed away. The neighbour came into a very large sum of money because he had promised to have the dog,unfortunately I discovered this too late to take appropriate action.
Very recently one of our local supporters Claude Attack died suddenly and before we could be informed, his beloved dog was taken to the RSPCA and put down.The 10 years old cross collie was not at the end of his life and had been to the vet as recently as December. We were all very upset as I would have given the dog a home for the rest of his life , however short it may turn out to be but was not given the chance. Poor old Claude would be devastated to know what happened but this is a case in point. NEVER leave things to chance.

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