Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Sidney The Staffie
Dogs, Dogs and more Dogs; and can someone please tell me what are we suppose to do with them? All the foster homes are full, and there's simply no more room at the "inn." But still the phone calls come. You can only do so much juggling before the situation either becomes dangerous to staff and/or dogs; or the dogs we already have in don't get the care they deserve. I believe less is more, but how can we shut the door to the needy? At 10pm last night Mei got a call from a Police Officer, he was at the bottom of the track with a Stray dog. So at that late hour Mei had to move some cats, (who I can imagine where not best pleased), to make overnight room for a rather boisterous and loud young male Staffie. Sidney as he's been christened is a typical Staff, such a lovely dog with an outgoing bubbly character. I can't believe that he is not someone's much loved pet, he's in fantastic condition. Though unfortunately not neutered and no collar or microchip! Such a shame people don't think of the "ifs" and "buts."
The little puppy bitch has been re-homed, but there is still little interest in the boys. They are growing fast and developing lovely characters. But really now they need to find their forever homes to develop their individuality and hopefully become much loved pets.
There was fun and games with the horses this morning. Little Noddy got fed of being in the Shetland field and decided to open the gate taking himself and his friends for a wonder down the track. Luckily Gail was in the top field and saw them make their bid for freedom. It was great fun for me watching Mei and Rosie running down the track to catch the escapees ... Not as much fun for them I guess. Anyway with all safely back in the field I guess a padlock may now be necessary!
I guess my time writing this blog will soon be coming to an end. With Lesley back before the week-end she'll soon be back here to tell you all about life at Freshfield..still I'll try and post once, or twice before then..Rhian
My Mate Bradley
Well at least I feel safe when he's got his burger in his mouth!!!
"Feels Good
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