Sunday, 31 January 2010

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Jamie asleep with my German Shepherd and best friend, Louis

I hope you don't mind if I start with a personal story. As you know I care for hundreds of kittens in one season, and I often think.."Aww bless I could live with you," but having 5 cats already I never do anything about it. (The last one I bought home was Tia in 2003) Anyway, at the beginning of December one little fellow just got to me. I burst into tears and just couldn't put him down, I had to bring him home. He was not the most glamorous kitten I'd seen, but for some reason the little man, now christened Jamie stole my heart. Anyway, I'm sure you'll agree, it looks like he's well settled.
With the return of the snow and ice today, work for the girls with the horses was more difficult. It's not as bad for us in the cattery and warm kitten room. Though taking the dogs out doesn't half blows away the cobwebs.
Well the plot thickens, we have now been informed that another charity has taken Trixie to re-home, even though they had been informed that the cat was one of ours. To be honest I'm absolutely livid, that's one of our cats and her future safety is our responsibility. The least we deserve is a phone call to inform us of her whereabouts and condition. Iguess they don't understand that we worry about the individuals, she a name not a number to us..Oh, but talking of numbers, she is chipped and registered to Freshfields which may cause difficulties to them when they re-home her, I hope! (Sorry not trying to sound petty, but I'm annoyed!)
Ben the collie was off to Derby yesterday and his brother Don is leaving next week-end. There is still no interest in the lovely 12 year old collie Lass, though she is no trouble to us I really hope she finds her own home with a sofa to cuddle up on in the evenings. Rosie is fostering another farm collie. He was taken to the vets to be destroyed as he had no interest in sheep, there is also some question about his eyesight. I'll update you as I get more details. Rhian
Big Buster waiting to come in before the snow on Friday Afternoon

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Adorable photo of Jamie and Louis!