Monday, 25 January 2010

Spinning The Wheel

Another Collie Looking For a Home

Well following a stropy text message from one of the shop manager I find myself writing again... Told you I'd tell on you Trish!
As regards to re-homing cats and kittens it's been quite a productive week-end. Three kittens and 2 adults found themselves lucky and are now at the beginning of the rest of their lives. Here hoping them all the luck in the world. But unfortunately just as we found ourselves with space we also had to take in 5 extra cats!
The pups are doing well and are becoming more sociable. They are at a crucial stage in their development where they need to see and be seen. At this age puppies need to hear the Hoover, see the T.V and socialise with people, cats etc so they later become confident acceptable adults in our increasingly anti-dog society. We have had some interest in the litter but unfortunately from people who work all day. Taking a puppy into that environment is in my opinion unacceptable. After all
,We all agree (don’t we?) that dogs are pack animals, social creatures that thrive on companionship. Is it not therefore unnatural for a dog to be alone, or away from its pack leader for such a long time? (Especially a puppy who needs extra meals as well as companionship) A dog left alone all day must have long boring hours and will do anything to make himself feel better. Excessive barking, tail chasing, pacing and circling, all considered behavioral problems could stem from this boredom.
The dog in the picture is Ben, another of the 15 farm collies that need re-homing. He is apparently a full brother to Don who came in a couple of weeks ago. Ben is equally nervous but has a sweet nature. He is more unusually looking being slate grey and white, he also has the glamour of a long coat. I'm sure he will be reasonably easy to re-home.
Well I think I'll sign off there for today.. Rhian

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K9friend said...

For every home found, dozens more are needed.

I hope your critters find a place to call home quickly.