Friday, 15 January 2010

A Ray of Sunshine?

Scott (with a spot) and Billy

I think the dogs are the only ones that are disappointed to see the snow is defrosting with the rain this morning. For us it will be great to finally get back to some sort of normality!
There is nothing more upsetting for us as staff than to go into work and find one of the animals has died in the night. Gail was faced with that exact situation at the beginning of the week. Arthur was an old stray cat that had been taken to the vets a couple of weeks before Xmas, he was blind in one eye and looked like he'd had a really hard life. An affectionate old soul he loved his cuddles almost as much as he loved his food. (but wasn't sure what to do with a litter tray!!) He seemed absolutely fine on the previous day, but he had passed away in his sleep during the night. No matter how many times you see it, it still gets to you, and so it should I suppose or your in the wrong job. I guess a little comfort for us was the knowledge that he spent his last days with plenty of food and a warm bed always available for him.
If you are thinking of getting a kitten then spare a thought for our teenagers. They may no longer be cuddly and cute, but they are full of fun and have a lot of love to give. One lucky teenager to get a home this week is Tammy, a little black female who seem's to have been with us for such a long time, I wish her all the luck in the world with her new life. But there are so many others still "Waiting, " Scott and Billy(pictured above) are just two of the many 6 month old (ish) kittens that are always overlooked here. These two brothers came in together with their tortie/tabby and white mother Laura at the end of the summer, they are also still Waiting For The Day!
Lesley is away now for a couple of weeks but as I mentioned in the earlier blog, between us we will try and keep you updated on what's going on at Freshfields North Wales. Whilst the cats

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K9friend said...

Here's hoping that your critters won't have to wait much longer for a forever home.