Saturday, 2 January 2010

Bertie likes a cuddle

The snow is still here and staff have struggled to get in, one succeeded,one failed so we are down with both permanent staff and volunteers. The water is not flowing freely through the hosepipe so buckets of water have to be taken from the yard to the fields and of course the horses are unable to graze so bales of hay have to be carried to the fields. It is a great deal of extra work and as fellow rescuer Janice commented (Jan sees a lot of this weather at her pig sanctuary in Canada) these are the days you desperately need help and nobody can get to you.
Anyhow the sun is shining now so maybe some snow and ice will melt away.Unfortunately a visitor and supporter Tom attempted to get up the track in his van but skidded on the ice and it took some time to get him back on the road again. This problem notwithstanding there have been a few more visitors today and 3 young cats have been reserved which is wonderful,a good start to the day. Two more of Nells companions have been admitted - Don a 2 years old collie and Lass a 12 years old who is amazingly affectionate and friendly for an ex working dog.
Liitle Bertie is pictured here in his favourite position - on someones knee and snuggled warmly in a blanket,he really is a little baby and I cant wait to find him that special home where he will be able to do this every day with his own special person. There have been so many calls the past few days from those wanting to get rid of pets, mainly dogs though one caller has "found herself" with too many rabbits and has seven to rehome! havent they heard of neutering?
I am expecting a cat to be admitted today, This cat has been a stray for several months and is living rough under an old car.Poor thing must be scared and hungry, I wish I had known about him/her earlier though. This is not the kind of weather for animals to be able to scavenge food and in rural areas like this it is even harder for them to survive. There are not the bins to forage about in though if there were strays here at the moment they would do very well as the binmen did not come when expected this week . I have been left with about 30 binbags and cannot put them out as they get ripped apart by foxes and neighbours dogs and then I receive complaints about the mess. A catch 22 situation. I never complain about the dogs because I am only too pleased that they are not chained like so many others in this area and I would hate to be the one to put a stop to their freedom. If they want to have a scavenge then so be it.
Finally ,I must admit to a few carefree moments of total childishness the other night. Just before retiring for the evening I found my old sled which has been in storage for a few years and with Barbara starting me off by giving a hefty push I careered down the snow covered track, hanging on for dear life and shrieking with
terror as the speed of the sled escalated before finally coming to an abrupt halt tipping me off into the snow. Great fun. I may be considered by some to be eligible for free mince pies( not to mention the dreaded bus pass!) but I intend to grow old as disgracefully as I am able! The day I give up singing into the hairbrush and dancing round the kitchen to the Smiths" Hang the DJ" or Trance Nation then it will be time for me to give up. Mind you I think Molly and co will be glad when i stop singing, they do not appear to be too impressed with my singing voice though Meg jumps up and has a dance with me so it cant be all that bad?

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