Friday, 1 January 2010

First snow of 2010

Happy New year!
Today we have had the first real snow and its the first day of the new year.The dogs are thoroughly enjoying it though the photos did not turn out so well, I need lessons on how to take photos in glaring white snow, poor Meg looks like a ghost dog with her rear half about to disappear! Ben refused to pose and ran off somewhere to explore on his own and Molly just ambled about doing her "Im too mature to act silly in the snow! routine. William,of course is snugly curled up with the old cats in the conservatory, his favourite resting place - the car- is too cold for him at the moment.
The fireworks last night frightened William half to death, Mei said her chihuahas were terrified too, I hope there are no more tonight. As an animal lover who sees what devastation and terror these things cause and not only on the particlar day, often a week before and a week or more after it is unbearable when having to deal with a traumatised pet/It would be good if only organised displays were allowed, one day perhaps.
It has been very quiet today,most people are probably enjoying a day of rest after an evening of celebration.It makes a nice change not to be answering the phone every few minutes . On that topic A friend suggested we have an emergency phone number for when I am not at my desk and I think she may be right, seems not everybody can speak into an answerphone with ease and important calls could be missed. My worry is that the mobile system will be abused and not used for emergencies.In the past I have been available like that 24 hours a day and it was exhausting as the phone would ring continually - I would get calls sometimes at midnight and early hours of the morning.I dont sleep well as it is and to conmtemplate having even less is not something I would like to do. The late calls were never the urgent ones either , usually it was somebody who had more than a few drinks and wanted to talk. I really could not face that again. Anyhow I will do it on a trial basis and see what happens.
If the snow continues like this I will be snowed in by tomorrow and some of the staff may not be able to get into work either.It is coming down really heavy now though we can be thankful that this area has not seen the worst weather conditions in the UK. The mountains all around the shelter look beautiful covered in white,maybe i will try to get some photos of them tomorrow.


Janice Gillett said...

The snow is so beautful but the days of seeing it that way are fast and fleeting. We both know how much extra work it brings with freezing waters, wheel barrow work and added hay and straw needed. Just when you need the help so much more and it can't get to you! lol Folks can't visit either so freinds bringing treats and goodies are down too.

Happy New Year and hope the snow is enjoyed before it becomes more work!

lesley said...

Hi jan,
please email me, i dont seem to be able to contact you via your blog and would love to hear about your new place,hope you now settled in well.
take care, love lesley

Kitty M said...

Awww gorgeous piccie of the dogs in the snow the colours are fab! My husband and I were so pleased to take part in a sponsored walk in the autumn at Freshfields - I only wish we could do more to help you all do such a great job and deserve a fab new year. Maybe somebody could help design you a little side link/button for the blog - that other bloggers can click through to donate... just a little thought as I am typing away x