Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Strangest Thing

A stunning uneutered male who came in a couple of weeks ago...tomorrow he will be going to the vets.

Hi again
Well there's not much going on here outside the normal routine really. Unfortunately very few animals going out and an endless amount of people wanting "to get rid of" dogs, cats and even a couple of horses. There seems to be an endless amount of calls from people wanting to re-home collies/sheepdogs, and there are now three Staffies on the books as well. I must admit that I'm finding the endless amount of calls quite mentally draining. When we try and explain that we have no immediate room people are quick to almost blackmail us with the classic line, "Well I'll have to have it put to sleep then." When really all we are usually asking is a day or two to make space or a find foster home, you would think people could be a little more patient and compassionate.
I've had an e.mail from the boss woman and all is going well. They where lucky enough to go to nature reserve a couple of days ago where they saw mongooses, antelope, black harriers, tortoises, ostriches and other wildlife. Lesley said she was also meeting up with Rosie which will be great for both of them.
Tomorrow and Thursday we have vet trips. We have cats going in to be neutered tomorrow and dogs on Thursday. The cost of all the neutering is currently draining our limited resources, but is just so necessary if we are to be successful in reducing the growing population of unwanted dogs and cats in the area. The kitten room is only now getting a little quite. I don't think we have ever had so many young kitten at this time of year before.
One last tale before I sign off for the day. Imagine Veronica's face as she sat in the office discussing animal adoption with someone on the phone, only to look through the window and see a big bale rolling down the track towards the office. I'm sure she wondered if she was safer in the office or running out ... Good thing it slowed down on the yard and just missed the office....And what would she have told the lady on the phone? Well the villain of the crime was big Buster, again, ...a quick shove to the bale had sent it rolling down the track! It was only last week when he knocked the dog pooh bin off the pole breaking the steal strips that held it in place...I dread to think what he'll do next?

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K9friend said...

I certainly admire the work you do for animals. Sometimes it feels frustrating, but please know that you really are making a difference!