Thursday, 28 January 2010

Look At Your Hands

The Young Tortie Tabby Female Who Has Been Reserved

Well I guess we'll start with the good news, pending a home visit Ben the collie has already been reserved. I guess his striking good looks would always help him on his way to a new life. Don his brother is still with us, but on a favourable vets report he will soon be leaving us as well. Smokey our elderly disabled cat has also been lucky this week and has packed her tesco carrier bag and gone to live to Blaenau Ffestiniog. And a stunning 9month old tortie tabby youngster has been reserved.
Unfortunately all is not as rosy in the garden and we are quite worried about the whereabouts of one of our middle aged cats. Trixie was re-homed with an elderly lady in Pen Y Groes about a year or so ago. (Well actually when I say elderly, she was in her early 70 ies - I hope I have not caused offence!) Sadly we heard that the lady had died and we made enquiries about the whereabouts of our cat. At first no one seemed to know anything but we have now been told that the cat has "been sold" by the family to someone in Colwyn Bay. To us this is totally unacceptable, this is our cat. But who is to blame? As Rosie pointed out, god forbid but any of us could die tomorrow. Maybe we all need to think and make provisions for our animals should anything happen to us, at least let family and friends know our wishes for their future. We will continue the search for Trixie, I just hope in the meantime that she is safe, happy and well cared for.
We took in another two cats yesterday, a black stray in good condition but unfortunately no microchip, and an elderly grey tabby and white boy who's owner had died. With a bit of luck we have a home waiting for the old boy.
Well that's it from me for another time...
Mei-Off to feed the wild birds!

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K9friend said...

I'm glad to hear that adoptions are going well, especially for the elderly critters who often are the last to be chosen.

Hope you find Trixie, though perhaps she's in a wonderful new home.