Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Can we accommodate one more pony?

Overnight snow has covered everywhere in a beautiful but treacherous white blanket. neither Rhian nor Gail have made it in but Barbara has just taken the 4x 4 to collect Gail from Pwyllheli. I have a Trustee meeting to attend in Liverpool tomorrow but I have doubts anyone will be wanting to travel if this continues.
This morning when I was walking the dogs, I took a bag of bird food for my "bird tree", the birds know me now and seldom fly away when I reach the tree so I was unsurprised to see several birds singing away amidst the branches.I could hear one little bird singing away and when I finally spotted him he allowed me time enough to identify him as a marsh tit.I was so thrilled, I have never seen one before,as I have previously mentioned we do not have many trees and hedgerows here so the variety of bird species is poor. I am pleased to say that the british conservation volunteers have been in touch with me and they are going to plant some hedgerows and trees for me this year.
Predictably the meeting was cancelled and there was another snowfall last night so our track is too dangerous for anything but Four wheeldrive vehicles to attempt. I wonder if we have a fox visiting us every evening, several times I have put out the large fat balls for the birds and in the morning they have gone from the feeder. I dont think a magpie or crow could carry one away , I will put out some dogfood tonight in a dish near the tree and check for tracks in the morning. I have only seen a fox here once and badgers never, although I did see an albino one nearby but that was two years ago.My sister Sandra who lives in Prestatyn has a family of badgers visiting every evening and they are a joy to watch. her friend runs a cafe and passes on all the left over food so the badgers enjoy a real feast in her garden.
It is a really clear day today and I can see the Sealink ferry crossing from Ireland to Anglesey, I have been told that the Mountains of Morne (not sure how this is spelled) in Ireland can sometimes be seen from here though I have not yet had that pleasure.
I have just had a call to say that the Fire Brigade have been to our shop in LLandudno but before I went into a total panic, I received a second call from Barry to say not to worry, the fire was not in our shop, the source was from the flat upstairs - the tenant had burnt his toast and it had set off the fire alarm.!!!!! I have the utmost sympathy for Mr Burnt toast, My staff always know when Iam cooking as smoke pours out of the kitchen window "Dont worry , its only Lesley cooking again" they say to alarmed visitors. My poor dogs have to be forcibly evacuated into the garden until the smoke clears. Speaking of dogs, the two new collies lass and Don are settling in well, see photos of them here,Lass is such a dear old girl and Don although shy, is very sweet natured. There are four left at the farm and I am hoping the Border Collie trust will help with them. I think the bad weather is preventing people from actively searching for new pets as we are having very few enquiries right now, usually when I publish photos of collies on the relevant websites, the phone rings constantly with interested people.
There is not much about cats at the moment and no photos because they are simply not venturing outside, unlike the dogs, the cats seem to heartily dislike the feel of the cold snow on their paws. Do not be fooled by the lack of mention at the moment, believe me there are cats everywhere , they are just in hiding and thankfully we have had no major neglect cases admitted. The kitten with the runs is much better and almost back to full health and Bob a little cat with a stump of a tail has been reserved. There must be around 120 cats here, including the free roaming ferals.
I have had a request to take a 7 years old welsh Mountain pony whose elderly owners are no longer able to care for him, they are desperate not to place him where his future would be uncertain and the phone call made to me was punctuated with heartrending sobs.Neither of them want to part with "Jim" but their health has dictated this difficult decision. I am hopeful that he would be easy to home and I am going to make a decision today.We really cannot accommodate any more equines either practically or financially but this a hard one to turn down.


K9friend said...

The weather here has also been snowy and bitterly cold. Makes it hard on people and critters alike.

I can see where you'd have a problem turning away the pony. I hope you are able to take him in and then locate a wonderful new home for him.

roy said...

Hi Lesley. Hope your track is now passable although I managed to arrive last Sunday ok. Hoping you can home the pony it sounds very sad for owners. I think the mountains you may see will be The Wicklows not Mountains of Mourne The wicklows were frequently seen at one time but not so often now. but I have only seen the Mourne Mountains 3 times and that was from an elevation of 2000ft or so and under very special conditions.See you tomorrow ROY