Sunday, 10 January 2010

Come On!

It's Really Snow Fun!

Well I guess it gets from bad to worse. Lesley's computer isn't working again and the bad weather is really tightening it's grip on North Wales. Personally I have been stuck at home until yesterday when Barbra braved the elements and came and got me to go to work. I really did not fancy a walk down the icy hills at 7.30am but Lesley's 4x4 made it up here safely.The road from Tan Y Rhiw and track up to the sanctuary are virtually unpassable with snow and ice unless you are lucky enough to have a 4x4 yourself. But to add insult to injury the water has now frozen up as well. This can be hard work in any household but is a disaster in an animal sanctuary. Poor Barbra is having to carry water from the stream in the bottom fields to supply all the horses with their daily needs. We only have three 20 liter container so if anyone has any spare we really would appreciate them through this bad spell. We have been lucky enough today to get some bottled water for the cats but as you are all aware I'm sure they will not last very long, and with a lot of people in similar situations supermarkets are getting low!
Enough hay has been taken out to "Jim" the pony to get him through this bad spell, when it is safer to travel we will be bringing him over to Freshfields.
Most dogs seem to enjoy snow, Bradley is having his second puppy-hood rolling around, playing and running in the fields, though Jade the Staffie is much happier hogging the fire! The majority of the cats are still hiding by the heaters though some venture out and love to play in the lying snow. Minnie from the kitten room likes to help Mei bring the horses out, how I wish I had a camera at the right time!
Well that all from me for now, hopefully someone will be able to keep you updated throughout the week

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K9friend said...

I sure hope your water situation resolves quickly...what a difficult situation!