Thursday, 31 December 2009

Veronica counts the pennies.

Last night just before I retired for the evening, I took this photo of snow being whirled around in the high winds. The cats in Kitty Kottage(shed on left of picture) were nowhere to be seen and as you can see there are no heads poking out the stables.It was fierce but also very picturesque. Today is as if it never happened, the sun is shining again though the ground is icy and dangerous underfoot.
Today was the turn of the little sheltie crosses Indie and Jerry to find a loving home A lady came for one dog but Nell was too nervous for her and she fell in love with the boys. They should settle well with her, they had come from a loving home and they are such adaptable outgoing animals they would fit in almost anywhere.I just love to see animals go off so happily,it makes my day brighter.Sometimes when I am doing homechecks and find lovely people, some of whom live in wonderful settings,I feel like putting myself up for adoption. Mind you I would be advertised under the category "special needs" or "difficult to rehome, has some behavioural problems"! I doubt there would be many, if any, takers.
I have just received a short video of our dear Gel the arthritic collie who left us not long ago and is currently residing in Spain.When I saw the video and the accompanying photo of him asleep under the olive tree I felt overwhelmed by his tremendous luck in going from a terribly sad life on a chain to living with people who adore him and who will take him everyhwhere with them.What a change in fortune for dear old Gel.
The kitten in the vets has been diagnosed with gastro entiritis so is in isoltion from the other kittens,he is on antibiotics and we have to hope he will improve rapidly.At least he is not a tiny baby which have little chance of fighting the infection.
Today is Veronica bookeepers day here (pictured counting pennies at her desk)and there are more papers flying about the office than usual,I dont mean she is in a temper and throwing paper about,Veronica is far too sweet and sedate for that sort of behaviour (well thats what she tells me!)rather that there are piles of paperwork covering two desks whilst she attempts to make sense of it all. Poor woman - when she started she thought she was taking on a simple bookkeeping job, instead she does her work but also ends up taking Jade the current office dog out for a wee, mops up the wee when Jade fails to make it to outside, answers the phone, makes tea and acts as a sounding board for me when I am indecisive which is most of the time.Not bad for a part timer. Hope she doesnt ask for a rise in pay!
About Jade, she is the Staffordshire bull terrier brought in with mange.Her owner had neglected to obtain veterinary treatment for her and her condition had been allowed to deteriorate.With treatment she is now looking so much better than when she arrived but it is always a long job and she is not yet at the stage where she is fit enough to be rehomed.For the time being she lives here in an indoor dog kennel and she is happy and content - she was kept outside in her last home so this is luxury for her.
I must finish now as I can hear William barking somewhere. In his old age he does not seem to know what he wants, he barks to go in the car, barks to come out,barks to go in the conservatory, barks to come out. Is this what lies ahead for me? Will I be forever wandering in and out the house and office? Come to think of it I already do that!! No more to be said.

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