Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Another litter of kittens arrive.

In contrast seemingly to the rest of the country, the sun is shining here! We had some snow during the night but it has almost cleared now and the birds in the trees are once again singing as though it is the start of Spring.Poor birds, they must be so confused.
There have been a few donations of cat and dog food yesterday and again today for which I am very grateful- I went out yesterday to buy cat food as we were so low on it and of course we are overflowing with cats and kittens still. A farmer brought in a litter of kittens about 8 weeks of age , they were too old to drown he told a member of staff.I suppose we should be grateful that he brought them in but advice on neutering the adult farm cats fell on deaf ears! It is far from easy trying to educate those who have lived by these actions all their lives but we will be sending someone diplomatic(not me !)round to his farm to try again. With so much help nowadays from National charities like the Cats Protection League, there is simply no excuse for this barbaric method of disposing of unwanted litters.
I have had the details of the 15 collies, their ages range from 18 months to 12 years, they seem to be a mixture of short and long coated dogs but some have a suspicious temperament - what does this mean? Anyhow Kirsty who used to work at the Liverpool Freshfields is going to go and assess them and take photographs.Kirsty has taken one of the older ones and she tells me she has a lovely nature but until she sees the others I cant make plans for them.Of course if we were allowed to use our kennels and I did not have a miserable grumpy neighbour, then we could just remove them all at one go.As it is some will go into foster homes and we will have to conduct the rescue over a period of weeks.
Naughty Bonnie Foxhound has done a vanishing trick whilst out walking in the fields with the other dogs,she will be within shouting distance but she has selective hearing! Somewhere she will have found an old bone or she could be in next doors bins so I will have to walk down the track to look for her, the track is quite icy still and I am not confident driving the car. I am just about to sign off and I can see her trotting into the yard looking very pleased with herself and licking her lips- what has she been up to and what has she pinched this time?

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