Wednesday, 9 December 2009

New arrivals and a wake up call for me!

Two little dogs and a cat have been admitted this morning.Gerry and Indie are 8 years old cross shelties and they have been left homeless along with their feline friend Pushkin.Indie is the one licking his lips! It has been a week of requests to take in unwanted pets and we are doing the best we can. I have lifted the ban for taking in pets(due to the lack of finances) for the time being,the weather is getting colder and pets like these three whose owner is seriously ill in hospital have nobody to care for them. ALL 3 pictured here along with a photo of the cheque being presented to me by Louis and Viorica of the Royal Sportsman Hotel.
Yesterday I was pleased to be able to pay a visit to the bank accompanied by a friend carrying a very heavy bag of change collected at Tescos a few days ago and we decided to have a coffee in Morrisons before returning home.As we entered I was approached by a young lady who offered us a free mince pie and a hot drink! Of course It was accepted and I thought "what a lovely idea".Then I noticed other shoppers were not being offered this treat.Why not? Because it was only for senior citizens and people with disabilities!!!! My pleasure in the freebie diminished rapidly and the mince pie stuck in my throat as we were surrounded by pensioners on walking sticks and zimmer frames.No offence to those other shoppers but I cannot possibly be in the same category - can I?? I clearly am so I guess I had better get used to it.At what point did I suddenly become part of this group? What a wake up call to my advancing years, thanks so much Morrisons!
I have just had a call from a local riding school who are planning to visit the shelter in January and bringing goodies for the horses, Llandudno Riding Club have also donated some food and are putting our posters on their notice board.This is what is needed, we need our profile raised as much as possible, the recent publicity seems to have struck home this time.Its taken 7 years in this area to become known to the local community but at long last we appear to be noticed. I am delighted and will continue to spread the word all over North and mid Wales in the hope I can bring in new supporters for our work.
Yesterday we had a visit from a family who have supported us for some time and Mum Judy had kindly made soup for the staff, how thoughtful this was and very welcome in such cold weather.These are the sort of gestures which really make me feel heartened by the kindness of certain people. When dealing with calls in a rescue shelter, there is often the tendency to feel the whole world is uncaring.Sometimes after a particularly gruelling day of dealing with those wanting to get rid of pets and knowing there simply is not enough room, ones patience can snap .For many years In the LIverpool shelter I was the one who took all the calls and I have to say that it made me very tense and anxious and I know that those who followed me had the same problem.Now the work is divided and no one person has to do it day after day.Believe me It truly can be soul destroying.Here in Wales I seldom sit in the office all day long and even when I do, Veronica takes some of the calls so there is not the same build up of pressure.
The horses are not wanting to stay out long at the moment and we try to get them all in before it goes dark(so early now)The owner of Krystal, the grey horse which came from Liverpool has been in touch about her. Surprisingly(or not?) very few horse owners ever keep in touch once they have passed their animal on to us, even those who profess to be devastated at parting with their animal fail to send a donation from time to time or ring to see how the horse is settling in.Out of sight out of mind is the saying which springs to mind.
I do wish we had managed to home the two bunnies before Christmas, they have been here too long now, as has Mr Grumpy the ferret.I would like to see them in homes where they had lots of attention and love.The staff do their best for them but its never the same as a good caring home. Who will ever take on Mr Grumpy , is he destined to live here forever? I hope not. Even bad tempered ferrets deserve a chance.


Laura said...

I follow your blog for a long time. You have nice work in your blog. Keep it up.
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lesley said...

Thanks Laura, always glad of positive comments.Take care, Lesley