Sunday, 20 December 2009

An unusually marked cat is admitted.

The Vet came out to see Ken and the injury is due to being kicked by another horse, we think maybe the bully is the old horse Callie but we will be keeping an eye on her and Ken will be moved if this happens again, the problem is by moving him to another group he will have to leave Buster to whom he has become attached.(Buster on rightofphoto)Anyhow he is a lot better today and able to walk on his bad leg. Dafydd the vet who came out is very kind with the horses and is very popular with the staff here though I tend to think that could be more to do with the fact that he is good looking rather than his veterinary expertise!
There is not much snow here at the moment though Rhian struggled to get in yesterday, as did Cariad today, they both live in outlying villages and they had thick snow on the tracks leading to their cottages.We seem to have escaped the worst so far but it is icy cold and the sky is very dark so maybe we are heading for some more? The pigs peered out of their house this morning and almost immediately disappeared back under a mound of hay and straw. There was no way they were venturing out today and I dont blame them.Its no weather for pigs never mind the rest of us.
We had a home offered today to one of the young ponies Merlin and she may also take one of the young shetland ponies Bobby to keep him company.It is not going to happen until the New Year as she has to have a stable built and of course we have to do a homecheck but it will be good if it all works out,it is far from easy to rehome young, unschooled ponies.Merlin is a real character, his twisted foot has not improved so he may always have an awkward,clumsy gait but he is full of personality and if he goes we will all miss him.We have so few ponies suitable for homing now that if the youngsters could go that would be marvellous and make room for any emergencies we hear about.
I have received a call about 15 collies needing homes.The farmer has died and an ex employee of Freshfields has taken one of the older ones but is in need of help with the others.I am waiting for a call with more details about them.
There has been an unusually marked stray cat brought in, he is an unneutered male and is black with almost silver grey markings(see photo) I have only ever seen a cat like this twice before in all the time I have been involved in animal welfare. I wonder what colour his mum and dad are? He will surely be snapped up in the New Year though not before he has his manly attributes removed.Iam sure male readers will wince at this but over the years I have noticed that some men vehemently oppose the neutering of male dogs or cats but seem unfazed by the idea of females being spayed even though that is a bigger surgical procedure. Strange but true.

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